Monday, December 8, 2008

Product Review-Boogie Wipes

Thank you to Molly from Boogie Wipes for sending me two packages of Boogie Wipes to review! I opened the box and discovered a package of 30 Grape Scented Boogie Wipes and a package of unscented Boogie Wipes.

These could not have come at a better time. Little man has been teething and has an ear infection. You know what that means.....SEVERE BOOGER NOSE! Poor baby. He is miserable. He has even given up trying to fight the aspirator because he knows it helps him to breathe. Here are a couple of pictures of is poor nose.

Well, after I took these pictures, I opened the package of Grape Boogie Wipes and I noticed that it not only smelled nice but it was perfectly moist. The wipe itself was huge. I tried to rip it in half because I could use it twice but they are really thick and strong! I approached Dexter and I held the wipe so he could smell it (the best he could with his gucky nose!) and he smiled. I knew I was in. I took it and swiped it under his poor nose. One swipe is all it took to get rid of a lot of mucus! I was thoroughly impressed. And to think I had been using Kleenex and wet washcloths. No wonder his nose was so raw :(

I used these wipes all day and I am a proud to announce that Dexter's nose is no longer a big, red, raw mess. It is starting to heal thanks to the Aloe and Vitamins in the Boogie Wipes. These wipes rock! You certainly can't beat getting them for $3.99 at Amazon.

I have also seen them at Rite Aid and Walmart. I know one thing for sure. MY HOUSE WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT A PACKAGE OF BOOGIE WIPES and I will start to give these to all the baby showers I attend from now on. This is definitely a staple!!


Amanda (curious_one from apa) said...

I saw these at the store here last month and almost bought some, but didn't because I wasn't sure if they were any good. Glad to hear they worked for Dexter. If I see some up there I will def buy some now!!

It's so cool that you are doing this Maggie.

Kim said...

I have got to find some of these!! Emma hates having me "pick, wipe" her nose...Very cool post!