Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Cloth Diapering Mommy....

So, I can now say that I have taken the cloth leap. I am journaling around the clock.

My favorite color is lime green. I have decided to make 2009 the time for going green. I reduce. I reuse. I recycle. Now I can say, I cloth diaper!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Tereson Dupuy, inventor of Fuzzi Bunz for sending me 6 Medium Fuzzi Bunz to get me started on this crazy journey. Tereson writes her own blog over at Tereson also was nice enough to offer up a 3-pack of diapers for a contest. Who doesn't love the chance to win cloth diapers.

Well, its nap time and the time that you have all been waiting for. I will be typing my journal from the previous day and sharing my rule of the day with you, that is, if the laundry monster doesn't kill me first!! LOL

Rule #1:
*Make sure you wash your cloth diapers in VERY HOT water AT LEAST 3-5 times before using so a day like yesterday doesn't happen to you!

1/27 8:17 pm Dexter's first cloth diaper--BED TIME

1/28 7:46 am Dexter is wet from head-to-toe *lesson learned-stuff two inserts for overnight wear*
9:18 First cloth poopy diaper change. It wasn't so bad until I went to put the poopies in the toilet. I ended up smearing poop all over the rim and bowl. Other than that, it wasn't too bad.
11:45 Down for a nap
1:30-Woke up from nap completely wet up the front and the back. *lesson learned-change D's diaper right before the nap so you don't make more work for yourself!* I needed to change his onesie, shirt, pants and sheets!! This diaper also was poopy and I managed to get everything in the toilet without any problems!!! I am rising above the challenge YEAH!

I decide later that I don't like cloth diapers.
2:14-First load of laundry for the day

DADDY TIME--I went to work...... Daddy texts me and tells me that he loves cloth diapers. (Need I mention that he didn't have a poopy diaper!)

9:00-I arrive home and we talked about cloth diapers. My hubby tells me that he went to Fuzzi Bunz and did his homework. He then goes on to tell me that he stuffed 2 inserts into the "red fuzzi bun" I couldn't help but laugh at my husband. Jason laughed at me when I told him that I was giving up the cloth adventure because I hate all the laundry and poopie smears. He told me that we owe it to Dexter to hang on and cloth diaper for at least a week. He also said that his Momma told him that cloth diapering would make it easier to eventually potty train the D-man!! That sold me. I then confessed that I had never used a cloth diaper before today and what did Jason do?! He laughed uproariously at me! I told him that he had done it in the past because he is an old man!! HAHAHA Now who is laughing?

Let me introduce you to the poster child for Fuzzi Bunz (ok, he isn't officially, but a Mommy can dream can't she?!)


Becky said...

You can also boil new diapers (instead of having to wash them so many times initially). Less work with the same result :)
It has been a few years since I have spent time there, but back when I was cloth diapering, the forums at were quite helpful.

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith momma! You can do it. You have my support. Tereson