Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fill In The Blankie Review

Who doesn't love sentimental baby items? I don't know any Mommy, new or old, who is not sentimental. I was floored when I first found Fill In the Blankie. They make the most exceptional blankies that I have ever seen. Think clouds meet sweet love poems meet relaxation. That embalms all of the superior blankets that Fill in the Blankie makes!!

When I first got my Fill in the Blankie I immediately opened the package to see this nestled inside~

They had the cutest tag that was held on by a nice, big cloth-diaper pin. It talked about the history behind Fill in the Blankie. In case you are wondering yourself, here it is:

"The real Miss Sonya was born in 1901. She was my wife's Swedish Mormor (which translates into "mother's mother"). Her loves were her family, baking, weaving and embroidery. When she wasn't in her kitchen making a loaf of cardamon coffee cake or some pepakokor cookies, she was in her rocking chair embroidering one of her heirloom quality blankets for the newest babyin the family.

Her blankies were the inspiration for our Sonya Bebeblankees. We have searched high and low for the softest weaves and the silkiest edges. Each embroidered blankie is prepared with love and care. They are super-unique and extremely thoughtful. We hope we make you look good by giving this gift."

The blanket was lined with a soft and luxurious satin lining that had the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on it. Take a look!

I love this company so much and I am thrilled to introduce you, my readers to FILL IN THE BLANKIE!!

Now, here is Dexter's review of his new blankie (he was tired so he wants me to tell you to pardon the bags under his eyes!)


MARI said...


thats a GORGEOUS blanket!

And it has my favorite baby song all over it!!!