Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Day Extravaganza Sneak Peak!

Here is a sneak peak of the reviews and giveaways that I will be listing in April. I need to find a stellar giveaway for Easter, any ideas?

My goal for this event is to reach 200 Blogger Followers! Can you help me achieve that?! Tell your friends and family!

April 1-MyOBaby-Acorn Baby Gift Set worth $85 and A Tote Bag a Day worth $15 each!!
April 2-Eden Fantasys-Glass Toy
April 3-Sprig Toys-Whole Sprig Hollow Set
April 4-Ruby Pinwheels (2) $100 gift certificates and an Erbaorganics Travel Kit
April 5-Kid Basix (3) Safe Sippy Cups
April 6-Bobux-Soft Soled Shoes
April 7-Laura's Lean Beef $25 Gift Certificate
April 8-Sage Creek Organics-3 pack of organic washcloths
April 9-Tilvee-1 product of winner's choice
April 10-Organic Beginings-4 piece organic clothing set worth $55
April 11-Maternitique-Substance Gift Set worth $62
April 12-Botanical Paper Works-Plantable Easter Card and Inspirational Stationary Kit
April 13-Cleanwell-Orange Vanilla Soap and travel sanitizer
April 14-Soft Star Shoes $30 Gift Certificate
April 15-Neat Solutions-Biodegradeable Table Topper Pack
April 16-Dapple Baby-Dish liquid and toy wipe packaged in an Envi-reusable bag
April 17-Maggie's Organics-
April 18-Charlie's Soap Gift Pack worth $45
April 19-Be Good to Your Mother-Organic Sleeper
April 20-Nature's Baby-Choice of 2 products
April 21-Eco Store USA (4) $25 gift certificates
April 22-7th Generation Free and Clear Starter Kit worth $50
April 23-Soleo USA-Organic Sunscreen
April 24-Yum Yum Sisters-Organic Snack Pack worth $28
April 25-Hearth Song-4-piece Children's Long Handled Gardening Tool Set
April 26-Green Toys-Sand Play Set
April 27-Noli n Nali Essentials Travel Kit worth $29
April 28-Greeno Bambino-(3) $25 gift certificates
April 29-Recycle Me Eco Baby Tee
April 30

I am working with several companies right now to determine what products they will offer for our giveaway. I will list them as I hear back from these generous sponsors! THANK YOU!


A Family Completed... said...

That list looks awesome! I can't wait :)

Karen said...

I just wanted to say hello and thank you for visiting my blog!

Your giveaways look like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and this awesome giveaway for THE WHOLE MONTH is incredible! I will tell all of my friends to visit and sign up with you. Thank you for all of the great information and testing that you do.

I cannot chose just two items for today....they are all so grand!

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