Monday, March 23, 2009

I won an award!

Thank you to Cher from Mama's Money Savers

I rarely take the time to think about Why Life is Grand. Here are my Top 5 Reasons:

1. Life is Grand because I have a 13 month old son who loves everything I say and do and he never questions me.
2. Life is Grand because I run a blog and I have people who thank me for helping them in many different ways.
3. Life is Grand because I have a roof over my head, my husband and I both have a job and we generally can make our bills on time.
4. Life is Grand because I have a supportive family who love and respect me.
5. Life is Grand because I am educated enough to be able to write this blog even though I cannot get a job in my degree field.

Here are the 5 bloggers that I am passing this on to (in no particular order)
1. Mary from Now Entering Momville
2. Amanda from Catch The Drift
3. Heather from A Little Bliss
4. Rashmi from Mommy Reviewed
5. Stacie from Simply Stacie


Michele said...

I think it is so sweet that you take time to be grateful for what you have! Your blog is adorable!

Rashmi, a Bookworm Mom said...

That's so nice of you. Thanks!

Stacie said...

Thank you for the award! It was sweet of you to think of me!!

Cher said...

You deserved it! Awesome list!

Mama Snow said...

Thank you for the award! Sorry it took me a while to get back. I have been super busy with the easter extravaganza! Anyway I am getting ready to make the post about it. congrats to you as well!

Mama Snow