Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 30th-Noli n Nali Organic Skin Care Giveaway

When I find organic skin care products that are good for me and for Dexter, I get really excited. Last month I saw an add in Baby Talk magazine for Noli n Nali. I visited their website and I fell in love with their ideas and products.

This is the message that I saw when I first came upon their website:
We are delighted to have you visit our site. At Noli n Nali we believe that healthy skin and a healthy planet are related. We strive to be a leader in the organic skin care and earth sustainability movement. This is our commitment and our passion. Our organic creations are 100% natural, minimally processed and free from harsh or synthetic ingredients. Enjoy the luxury of using self-care products that are both good for your body and good for the earth. We're sure you'll feel the difference.

Noli n Nali sent me a multitude of products to try. The first one I used was the Organic Baby Bum Balm.

The product worked well on Dexter's "bum" and I was able to successfully use it with his cloth diapers! That, to me, is important. It didn't leave a residue at all! I also use all of the products that I use on Dexter. I rubbed the Bum Balm on my hands and it soaked in very quickly and it wasn't at all greasy. My hands were soft and they had the faint smell of herbs. Experts say that smells are one way to take you back to a memory and this Bum Balm reminds me of my grandmother for some reason I cannot explain.

Next I was able to try the Soothing Baby Wash Bar.
Relax your baby while protecting their sensitive skin with our unscented Soothing Baby Wash Bar. Made with organic oatmeal, aloe and botanicals that soothe and gently cleanse. Our hand crafted, traditionally poured and cured processed soaps last nearly twice as long as most mass market bars. Our soaps are mixed in small batches and poured into wooden molds. The end result is an opaque premium bath and body bar that is mild enough for the most sensitive skin. Our soaps are free of preservatives, alcohols, detergents, artificial color and fragrances. Truly a soap you can trust! It is 95% Organic and 100% Natural.

I like washing up with bar soaps that are unscented because sometimes fragrances can irritate women. My midwife suggested, after that I had Dexter, that I buy lots of unscented bar soap so as not to irritate my skin......
This bar has the slight smell of rosemary. It is very faint and not at all overpowering. It smells very natural.

I am saving my favorite product for last, the Lavender Dust Baby Powder It has a very strong lavender smell and it is so calming. I did not use it on Dexter only because of the research out there about baby boys and lavender/tee tree oil.

I love lavender not only because it is calming but also because it reminds me of an English garden. It is so refreshing and it is able to put me to sleep almost instantly. I dust my body with it at bed time, heck who cares if new research shows that it increases breast size in women! I would drink it if I had to! LOL It made my sheets smell nice and like I said before, it helped see me off to dreamland!

Just in time for Mother's Day, Noli n Nali want to send you a nice set of many of their products for you to try out! They are good for both you and baby!!
All I would like you to do is head over to Noli n Nali and pick out your favorite item (not mentioned above) and come back here and tell me what it is that you like and why. DON'T FORGET your email address.

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Life More Simply said...

I'd love to try the Bosom Blossom Nipple Salve. I currently just use a lanolin cream but would be thrilled to put something in my child's mouth that DOESN'T have lanolin in it! Fun website. I bet all of their products are yummy. :-)

Rachel.East at houghton dot edu

Andrea said...

I think the Chamomile Willow Baby Shampoo sounds awesome! I'm sure it would make my son smell amazing after a long day of play. This company looks great, and the owner even has a son with the same name as my son!

UnrealBaby said...

I'd love to get the Forest Potion Baby Lotion! Look at those ingredients! lovely!

debraunrealbaby at gmail dot com

dolls123 said...

We travel a lot so the Essential Travel Set would be perfect


Pam said...

Baby Bubble Bath and Nipple Salve....too awesome products to try.

I'm following you on Twitter and blogger

ikkinlala said...

I like the Little Willow Detangler because it's been really hard to find a goos conditioner without a bunch of weird ingredients.

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Shelly said...

I would like to try the Nali's Hair Care Secrets gift set

Ellen C. said...

I like the growing years giftset. Thanks for the chance.

sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

Mia said...

Forest Potion baby lotion would be my fav!

Mia said...

I follow:)

Kate said...

Chamomile Willow Baby Shampoo. This would be great for my daughter,, sounds relaxing.

Spamgirl said...


My favourite item from their store is the Tropical Bliss Belly Butter.

Thank you!

Spamgirl said...


I faved you on Technorati - Spamgirl. Thank you!

MH said...

forest potion baby lotion is what we need!

trixpixel said...

The Tropical Bliss Belly Butter sounds awesome!


Cassi said...

I'd love to try the Tropical Bliss Belly Butter too. My belly could use a little love, and this stuff sounds soothing.


lace said...

The sleepy baby wash bar sounds very calming.

icefairy said...

My favorite is the Tropical Bliss Belly Butter. I love that it is a blend of organic butters, powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids because I want to see if an organic belly butter would work better for me. Thanks for the chance to win!
beatspammer at gmail dot com

icefairy said...

Faved you on Technorati (icefairyisme)

nightowl said...

I like the Ella Bella Bubble Bath
because it doesn't have all of the chemicals that the conventional bubble baths have in them that can cause irritation. I noticed that it has vanilla and citrus so the smell would be a plus, too.

nightowl said...
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nightowl said...
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nightowl said...
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