Monday, May 11, 2009

Eden Fantasys Review

So, back when Eden Fantasys contacted me about reviewing products for them I was a little nervous at first, I mean, come on, my Mom reads my blog! (Hi Mom!) It then dawned on me that we are all here for one reason, we are all Mothers. Being a Mommy doesn't necessarily mean that you have given birth but I assume that none of my readers are virgins! lol

Anyway, I am a Mommy first and foremost and a being a wife seems to come second these days. That is another reason why I thought that being an Eden Fantasys reviewer would be a great idea. Every wife wants to make her husband happy and one great place to start (or end) is in the bedroom ;)

Eden Fantasys believes in helping couples reconnect and they have a million toys/DVDs/lingerie/sensual items to help you along the way. The first thing that Eden Fantasys sent me was The Little Paul. This is for all of you who have gone on an excursion looking for the G spot but never quite reached your destination. This vibrator sure packs a punch! It is completely waterproof and is made of silicone so it is odorless and easy to wash! One feature that I really like is the touch buttons which allow you to effortlessly control the speed and intensity of this high-powered vibe. How neat is that?! You know, it just dawned on me that not all of you are probably married, which, in this case is ok too because if I ask my single friends what one item in their house gets the most use, they never say their vacuum!

At $47.99 this is a great deal. The Little Paul certainly isn't little once you get to know him.


Anonymous said...
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Sydney said...

I love that you're not affraid to review these types of products (even with your mom reading about it! :) It's so hard to know what to buy just looking at box. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I have similar vibe - and I love it. Great review - thank you. It is nice to see us - moms - go a bit further the lines!