Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tip Toey Joey Shoe Review

The only reason this review might seem a little weird is because I cannot contain my excitement. I found a shoe company that is not only FABULOUSLY Chic but also very elusive. No one is wearing them here in the US yet (not anyone that I know) and for that, I love it! I love being the only one who has something, it makes me feel special. I especially love when Dexter and I are out and about and someone comes up raving about something that Dexter is wearing. I always smile and say, "Oh, that's his Children's Place sweater" or, "these shoes, oh, you can only get them online!" They can't help but comment because Dexter is pimpin'

Check out these sweet new shoes he got from Tip Toey Joey. This company sells its shoes in Australia and Portugal and they will soon be launching in the United States. I cannot get images from their website so you will just have to A.) Visit their site and check out their sweet shoes, they are so sweet they will make your teeth ache and B.) Check out Dexter sporting his Tip Toey Joeys.

Check out my blog as I will be talking more about Tip Toey Joey throughout the year as they embark on their journey to the US.


AmandaTaylor. said...

How did you order the shoes? I went on thier site, but couldn't figure out how to order them.

C said...

Tip Toey Joey is our best selling shoes for babies (6-18mos). Moms just love these light-weight, handmade leather shoes! We've been carrying them for more than a year now and we constantly get such amazing reviews about the shoes. Visit us at: Sheila Boutique (8568 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles Ca 90069)

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jcavorsi said...

I had these shoes for my little guy when he was young, he's now 3 so I'm excited to use them for my second son. I used to get them on but they were bought out and the site is down so you cant get on there anymore. I have to say they were my favorite shoes and I would like to get a new pair for my second son since his feet are much smaller. One of the best made shoes I've had and we've had A LOT!!!

Anonymous said...

we have them online now!

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