Thursday, May 7, 2009

Photo Fiddle Mother's Day Giveaway

I am always on the look out for the newest and most exciting gifts. I especially love anything that has to do with Dexter. A few weeks ago I was introduced to Photo Fiddle. allows users to create art from photos with free online photo effects software. Photofiddle will transform any picture into art with over 50 photo art styles to choose. Select from oil painting, Warhol pop art, watercolor painting, modern art, abstract art, Leroy neiman art style, Lichtenstein art style, outline sketches, color pencil sketches, photo collages, impasto art, film strip photo collages and more. Have us add a photographic tint like a sepia tint, blue tint, red tint, or green tint to any photograph. If you prefer have Photofiddle can put your photo to canvas.

The site went online in June 2004 and not too long after the launch they received a bit of press from the Washington Post, USA Today, PC Magazine & more. The Washington Post called them "buzz worthy", USA Today reviewed their photo on canvas and picked theirs as the best, and PC Mag rated them 4 out of 5 stars. What really put on the map was when Oprah put them on the O List in 2006. Since then they have become one of the top sites on the Internet. Their current Alexa traffic rating is 119,109. More recently, the Today Show picked as a great DIY decorating idea, the CBS Early Show featured them as a best Mother's Day gift idea, and the New York Times editor wrote a great article including was recently voted by the viewers of the CNBC show "The Next Big Idea" as a million dollar idea.

Photo Fiddle would make an excellent Father's Day or Mother's Day gift! I know I would melt to get a picture of Dexter on a nice big canvas so I could hang him on my wall!!

You can see my before picture here:

Thanks to the lovely people at Photo Fiddle for giving everyone the chance to get 15% off of your purchase by using code mom15 at checkout. In addition to the promo code, one lucky mom will win a $50 Photo Fiddle Gift Certificate!!

In order to win, in the comment section, write a poem to the special mother in your life. Please make sure you have at least 4 lines in your poem. Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there!!!

This contest will end on Mother's Day at NOON EST. Good Luck and get creative.


Andrea said...

She sat and rubbed my back when I couldn't fall asleep,
She cared for me when I was sick without making a peep.
She never bought herself any new clothes or toys,
She comforted me in sorrow and celebrated my joys.
And now I'm a mother too, and there's one thing that's for sure,
My mom is truly amazing, and I want to be just like her.

andreaokeefe {at} gmail {dot} com

UnrealBaby said...
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UnrealBaby said...
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UnrealBaby said...

Love for and from a MOM
I don't always say it
But you always know it
I never understood it
And now I live it
You can't see it
But you can feel it

It's forever
It's unchanging
It never dies

I will always love us
I will always love you
I will always love her

debraunrealbaby at gmail dot com

justicecw said...

Mom's are like snowflakes...
there are no two alike.
Each is beautiful in their own special way.
Whether experienced, brand new or gone but not forgotten...every mother is the center of their child's world.

Thanks for the chance,

Deb said...

Through good times and bad.
Your love never fails.
You're there for us always through all of lifes travails.
Kind and loving and full of grace.
Today is the day we honor your strength.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. i really don't get a star for quality poetry, but I did make an effort. Didn't realize how hard that would be...thanks for the challenge :)

deborah150 at hotmail dot com

military76brat said...


Mother you have been the nurse to heal my wounds,
Mother you have been the kindness that fills my soul,
Mother you have been the nuturer of wonderful advice,
Mother you have been the teacher of all life,
So Mother on this day to celebrate the good of you and what you have done for me, know that the love, intelligence and so much more is because of you.

Andrea M said...

I never knew how tough it was
to be a mom until I became one.
The chores are plenty the thanks are few. So thanks mom for being you. I love my mom through and through!

tiggeraj at yahoo dot com