Monday, May 18, 2009

Quantum Life Settlements

One of the most valuable (and often overlooked) assets people 65 and over have is their life insurance policy. Most people don't realize they (or their parents) can obtain a sizable lump sum cash settlement for their policies. Most life settlements occur through a broker like Quantum Life Settlements, who is able to obtain the highest possible cash offer for the policy holder.

A Candidate for a Life Settlement:
Has an existing insurance policy with a death benefit of at least $500,00 , is at least 70 years old, and/or has a life expectancy between 2 and 15 years
Has considered surrendering or letting your coverage lapse for any other reason
No longer needs the coverage
Has premiums on their life insurance plan that have become too costly
Has an immediate need for cash
Quantum Life Settlements is located at 2700 Lighthouse Point East, STE 260, Baltimore, MD 21224.Representatives are available by phone at: 877-690-2424 to answer questions. More information is available on their website: Life Settlements

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