Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dexter and Mommy's First Trip to the Beach

To preface this post. I had gotten D all ready to go to the beach (about 5 miles down the road from our house) and he was wearing his pimpin TCP trunks and a swim top a friend of mine got him. He looked so cute. He was also donning a swim diaper from Pampers. Well, he decided that he had to poop before we left and Mommy was blindsided. I had no idea that swim diapers do not contain excrement, they only keep water out. We had a HUGE mess on our hands. Luckily, that same awesome friend of mine, Becky, gave me a few swim trunks for Dexter too. I went and got some Nemo trunks and grabbed his hat before we left. Dexter has about 4 or 5 sun hats but for some reason, this red one is the only one he will keep on his head. As we were headed there all I could think was please, please let me now run into anyone I know. Lucky for me, we didn't.

Here my child is dressed in multi-colored swimming trunks, an orange/brown top and a red and white flowered hat! He looks like a huge fashion faux pas. I also wanted to point out that I took my One Step Ahead Family Beach Cabana Tent and set it all up by myself! It didn't hurt that Elmo kept Dexter entertained in the car before and after the excursion!


Life More Simply said...

Cloth swim diapers should keep poo in! Try looking up the Swimmi brand or something of the like. I don't believe any will keep urine in, though. Good luck with that.

Children’s Vitamins said...

Seems your child had a great time out there. Certainly in these outfits he is looking like a huge fashion faux pas.