Friday, June 26, 2009

FlipHD Review

I have officially been Flipped! That is, flipped from my original camcorder (that shall remain nameless) to the new Flip Mino HD.

When I got my Flip Mino HD I was surprised by how compact and innovative the camera is. My favorite feature is the built-in USB port. It flips (no pun intended) out of the top of the camera and plugs right into your computer. There are no extra cords/plugs to lug around----pure genius!!
The Flip Mino HD also features a 2 inch display and shoots in 1280x720 video resolution. That means that you will get a sharp picture that looks like it was professionally shot---it was, by YOU!

With the (included) Flipshare software you are able to do the following:
*Save, Organize, & edit videos with ease
*Capture HD snapshots from your videos
*Email videos & video greeting cards
*Upload videos directly to MySpace and YouTube
*Create custom movies with your own music
*Upgrade for free at
*Create Flip Channels to share content privately with groups of friends or family or to access your own content on the web
*Order DVDs and have them shipped anywhere in the world

Here is a short video (one of a thousand) that I took of Dexter eating his lunch. He is getting so good at it.


The Flip Mino HD also holds up to 2 hours of footage and it is also super easy to playback your movies. You can effortlessly (with one finger) turn on the camera, push the play button and watch. It is THAT easy!!

You can purchase the Flip Mino HD online or at Walmart for the perfect price of $229.99


Monkey's Mom said...

My sister just got a Flip and loves it!

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