Thursday, June 25, 2009

Free Ecards and Printable Cards

I know you have all seen my write about Free Ecards before. Not only are you able to send Free Ecards to your friends and family but they also offer Free Printable Cards too. How many times have you looked for a website that allows you to either Print a free card or send a Free Ecard only to find that you need to jump through hoops or make a gazillion registrations in order to do so? I know I am not alone.

For Mother's Day, I sent my Mom a Free Ecard. For Father's Day, you guessed it, I sent Dad a Free Ecard. They also have Free Birthday ECards.

I recently needed to make a card for my niece's birthday. Without hesitating, I went to Got Free Ecards and I made her a photo card. It was very easy to make. You can also add an .mp3 attachment to the card so you can personalize it with a song or a greeting! How awesome!! You should have seen my niece when she opened her card and found a picture of herself along with Dexter. She ran around showing everyone the card because she was so excited about it. I could have gotten away without buying her a present because she loved the show-stopping card so much!

Next time you need to celebrate an occasion, look no further than Got Free Ecards. They have everything you need to show someone that you care about just how much you do care!

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