Monday, June 1, 2009

Wondertoast Review

Who doesn't love quirky and fun clothing? I am guilty of both fun and quirky clothing, especially when Dexter is the one wearing them! I also really love putting him in organic clothing because, for some reason, I still don't think that chemicals in dyes and prints are safe no matter what the experts say. Some people question me by saying "you have been wearing non-organic clothing for your whole life and you turned out fine". I always reply with this Darwinistic response "Dexter is still a blank slate and I take pleasure knowing that his body is free of toxins and chemicals.

A few months ago I found a wonderful company called Wondertoast. Meet Wondertoast....he is not a Superhero with superpowers but if he were his superpower would be curiousity. WonderToast wonders about everything around him and he loves to help kids learn along with him!

Wondertoast was created by Anna Woltz. She is a mother, illustrator and self proclaimed foodie. Anna use to work at Nickelodeon and Fox Kids so she knows a thing or two about illustration/animation. Let me tell you what drew me in to Wondertoast.

Look at the fun graphics on their organic shirts:

The onesie that Dexter received is the "D is for Dim Sum" which I also call "D is for Dexter". I have washed the shirt at least a dozen times and it has not faded once! It is so soft and it doesn't pill either. It is definitely a quality shirt. I love how bright the colors are and I appreciate that the shirts are dyed using low-impact, azo-free dyes. The shirt (12-18months) was big on Dexter for quite a while so I had to wait for him to fit into are the pictures you have been waiting for! I wish he would have had his eyes open because the look on his face is precious...

Head over to Wondertoast and see for yourself how unique and sweet their site (and clothing) is. If you make a purchase and tell Anna in the comment section of your paypal payment that you are a "Dexter Fan" she will include a signed copy of her Wondertoast comic book for you! Sweet eh?!