Wednesday, July 15, 2009

5 Momifications We All Know and Love

I always make up new words. Sometimes it is to the point that my husband is driven crazy. Here are a few of my personal favorite. If you would like to visit to see theirs, click HERE

TheresSomethingAboutBaby-This term refers to all the breakfast, lunch or dinner that my little one rakes through his locks--constantly. "Oh, hes at it again, how am I going to clean the syrup out of his SomethingAboutBaby hair?!"

RunawayPoopies-Now that my son is old enough that his poops teeter on hard, I find more about more "rabbit poops" than ever before. Just recently he also started moving around a lot more during diaper changes which has let to more poopies rolling off the couch/changing table etc. "The next day I realized I was tired because Dexter found a RunawayPoopie from the day before!"

OneRingCircus-Before having children, bath time was a glorious occasion marked by bubbles and wine. Not so much anymore. "After having the baby and learning the importance of bathing myself once again, I found maneuvering the toys in the tub to be a OneRingCircus feat!"

On-the-go-show-My son cannot force himself to ride in the car (even 2 minutes down the road) without the DVD player on. "I joke to my husband that my Durango is now and On-the-go-show!"

Mamatuition-This is the keen sense of awareness that us Mamas possess. "My husband doesn't get it but I always know what is going on before anyone else does. That is because I have amazing Mamatuition."

How many of these can you relate to? Do you have your own to share? Leave a Momification of your own so that I can have a good laugh. Lord knows I need it! You can always head over to TwitterMoms to share your Momifications with them too!!! Click HERE for access :)


Melissa Ives said...

Very funny!

Monkey's Mom said...

I just started my own "OnTheGoShow" on our trip to Texas. Now the girls think they need a Barbie movie every time we get in the car!

My "Momification" would be about my car. I have a minivan, but there's nothing mini about it! I call it my "Mommavan" because it full of everything a Momma could need...diapers, wipes, snacks, toys, extra clothes, cleaning products, a potty, toilet paper, books, dvds, sunscreen, bugspray, and much much more! Wait...maybe it should be called a Kiddievan!

UnrealBaby said...

Oh, the RunawayPoopies is alive and well in our household, what's worse is when you strip them down for bath time thinking you're safe and you unload some poopy fury on the floor!

Jasmine said...

You are so hilarious. The closest we get is Gramclothes. This refers to clothes you only wear to Grandmas because she let's the kids play in the muck.

Anonymous said...

I was beaming when my little one was done eating a homemade plate of spaghetti and burst out saying "This is Mommylicious".

Hillary said...

Hilarious!! You're always so funny