Monday, July 13, 2009

Guess Who I Met

While I was out and about for my birthday, I ran into Ellie Krieger from the Food Network! How cool is that? She happened to be at one of my favorite restaurants in town, Red Ginger. I am so not into celeb gossip and crazy shinnanigans like that but I am obsessed with the food channel. It is always on in my house. I didn't bum rush her or anything--my friend did (unbeknownst to me) She was like, "its my friend's birthday and she loves your show. Would you mind getting a picture with her?" (I am so glad I said, "Oh that was Ellie Krieger we saw as we were walking up from the bathroom!)

Up walks Ellie, and I almost fainted. I was sooooo sunburned, thank goodness she was so sweet.


Michele VanPatten said...

So exciting!!! She is my favorite Food Network chef, I haven't made a recipe of hers that didn't get devoured!!!

Anonymous said...

Ellie Krieger is amazing, i hear she has another book coming out in November called "So Easy". I can't wait to pick it up.