Friday, July 17, 2009

Vroom Solo Review

There are two things in life that I absolutely detest. Mornings and Cleaning are those two things! If there was a list of chores, doing the dishes and lugging my vacuum around the house are tops. I no longer have to lug my vacuum around the house thanks to Vroom.

I never thought it was possible to really enjoy cleaning up messes. I also never thought that I would ever EVER want to show off my vacuum to my friends. I find myself saying "hey, check this out" to my friends when they come over and then I smile as they reply "no way, thats really a vacuum?!" Its cool. My husband and I had a hard time deciding where to put the Vroom once it arrived. I could put it upstairs but that would only tackle the bedrooms. I could put it in the kitchen or bathroom but those rooms rarely see the mess that my mudroom does.

My 2 dogs stay in the mudroom, which is adjacent to the laundry room and garage, when we are gone. There is always enough hair on the floor to crochet a scarf! It was an easy decision to install the Vroom in the mudroom closet. Look how nice it fits in my closet!

What I like most about the Vroom is that it is always available. All I have to do is open the closet door, grab the hose and Vroom. It is that easy. Another thing that impressed me about the Vroom, besides the fact that it is so compact, is the amount of suction that it creates. It is amazing. I have never felt such forceful suction from a vacuum before (let alone one with just a hose). Speaking of hoses, the Vroom's hose is 24 feet long and can easily reach into my garage and my laundry room. Vacuuming out the cars has never been easier!!

Ok, so now you are thinking that the Vroom is pretty cool. What if I told you that they make attachments that will even allow you to vacuum your dog!! OMG, how cool is that?! My dogs hate vacuums but I am pretty sure that I could wrangle them up long enough to blast some hair off of their coats! Think about it as never having to brush them again! Not a pet owner, how about an attachment that helps you vacuum your blinds!!

With Vroom the possibilities are endless. You can mop or vacuum your floors. You can brush your dog. You can clean your mini blinds and you can even remove lint or hair from virtually any surface.

Here are the specifics of the Vroom:
Power Unit
14.25” deep x 7.25” high x 10.375” wide

Hose Cabinet Sizes
For Kitchen-sized cabinets:
21.86” deep x
16.25” high x
3.25” wide, 24’ hose

For Bathroom-sized cabinets:
17.86” deep x
16.25” high x
3.25” wide, 18’ hose

Installation was a breeze. My oh-so-handy husband said that it took him a mere 25 minutes from box to complete install. The Vroom Solo comes with it's own power source so all you need to do is plug it in and you're cleaning. I would absolutely recommend this vacuum to anyone. It is so versatile and compact. It is there when you need it and hidden when you don't.

Head over to and enter to win a Vroom. You can also find a dealer near you!