Thursday, August 27, 2009

Michigan's weather

Wow! I am been feeling so drained and tired lately. I wish Mother Nature would hear my pleas and send me some sunshine. My hubby and I both have the day off today and we were really wanting to hit the beach with Dexter but the sun will not come out!

My tomato plants are now home to hornworms--OMG are they big and nasty!! I wish bugs didn't have to be so gross!!


Deb said...

I hear ya about the weather. I really wish summer would have stayed around longer this year (2 weeks just doesn't cut it).

Ewwww about the hornworms---eek! Guess I better check out my tomatoes at home. How do you get rid of them?

Kristie said...

We just picked between 10 and 15 worms off our tomato plants last night-it was the first we had seen them too. Yuck!

Jenn said...

Bummer on the worms!! My tomatoes just would not grow this year...I think because of the weather. That said, I LOVE fall, so the cooler temps this month have been just right for me. Hope all is well Maggie!
-Jenn Powell