Monday, August 31, 2009

Union 28 My Husband Rocks Tshirt Review

Two years ago tomorrow, Sept 1st, I married my best friend. When I say 2 years it seems like such a small number because we have been together for a total of 8 years. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't say I love you to him. I show him that I love him by making his favorite dinners, saying nice things to him and by taking care of our house and little Mister Dexter.

Recently Union 28 sent me one of their My Husband Rocks tshirts to review. The shirt is comfortable and the perfect fit. It is long enough to cover me up all while conveying an important message, My Husband Rocks. I have worn this shirt out and about several times and each time I have been approached by several men. Yesterday, my husband took me wine tasting before we went out for a nice dinner (celebrating early). One man looked at me and asked "is that your husband?" When I said yes my husband laughed. He said "wouldn't it be weird for her to wear that shirt if I wasn't her husband!?" He had a point! He then asked if Jason bought the shirt for me and when I said no he replied "well you must be doing something right for her to love you so much!"

The next winery brought on a similar experience. The older man behind the counter said, "Your husband rocks eh?" I said "he sure does!" He quickly looked at my husband and asked if he bought the shirt for me. When Jason said that I got it on my own the man stood silent. He then looked at my husband and said "you must be one hell of a man, I can't remember the last time my wife said something nice about me". He then went on to congratulate Jason for being such a great guy :) How flattering?!

Union 28 believes in marriages and makes being committed a stylish act! I am now going to be buying my husband the "My Wife Rocks" tshirt because, after all, he wouldn't be a Daddy if it weren't for me!

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Christian the Christian said...

thanks for the recommendation! i've never heard of the company, but am excited about seeing what they've got!

Anonymous said...

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