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Friday, September 4, 2009

About Me

Health Blogger, Midwest Blogger, Mom Blogger

I am Maggie, Super Savvy Mommy. I don't have any super powers.  The super in my name relates solely to my ability to Super-Parent. I am passionate and emotional. I am pragmatic and optimistic. I am a lover and a fighter. I fight for what I believe in and those things are: my family, myself and the planet. I am an Educator but cannot find a job because of Michigan's rotten economy. I tried, believe me I did. Then I stopped. I was a new mom and that, to me, seemed more important. I believe that even though it takes a village to raise a child, I can do a pretty damn good job myself. It was the lack of a career that propelled me into blogging. I did it just as a hobby at first and like all things accidental, I became a "Mommy Blogger" I love social networking, writing anecdotes and reviewing your products. I only write about the products that I am passionate about. If I am sent something and I do not care for it, you won't know about it. That's me. Just Keeping it Real!

I live in Northern Michigan with my husband Jason, two sons Dexter and Oliver, ages 9 and 6 and our amazing American Bulldog, Blu. He is the great grandson of "Chance" from Disney's Homeward Bound. Find him on IG as @bluamericanbulldog 

Super Savvy Mommy has evolved from a place to just share reviews to a place where people can come to find some fun travel destinations, exciting new products to try and recipes to make. Super Savvy Mommy strives to travel full-time and write about my experience in doing so. 

I love cooking and traveling and if I could make a career out of both, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment. Ideally, I would love to host a show about Family Fun Around the World that explores the best kid-friendly destinations and their fancy cuisine. My kids aren't picky and I want to show parents how to raise their children to be less picky, too!

If you have a destination that you would like us to visit, a product you would like us to try or a bottle of wine you need me to review, just email me we will discuss!


molly. said...

Hey Maggie,
Your blog rocks, first of all. So now that you've been doing this about a year? now I'm wondering what you think of Blogger. I tried it for a while & am now trying out Wordpress. Obviously Blogger won't cost you $$ but Wordpress does. You've created an awesome site here. Just wondering which one you think is best (B or W?) & if you think Blogger offers everything you need to make an amazing "mommy blog".

Hope to hear from you soon!!

One mommy blogger to another,

my blog:

Anonymous said...

Damien Rice, 'Woman like a man' ...reminds me of you. :D

linda2b said...


linda2b said...

I really glad I found you everything happens for a reason :)

Jill said...

Loved meeting you at the Mitten Mom conference!!

denise cruz said...

got to love your family pic!!