Saturday, September 19, 2009

Who is Lyne Downing?

This post was written by ROCK STAR MOMMY-Judy Davids

I have known Lyne Appel Downing for about 7 months but it feels like I have known her for years. Lyne is this teeny tiny woman. My shadow weighs more than her, but I swear when she enters a room she is larger than life. In fact, her aura enters a room 5 minutes before her.

That's because Lyne is so passionate, so full of energy. Lyne helped orchestrate the launching of the New Zealand company ecostore here in the USA. Her philosophy is be good to the earth. Be good to your body. No nasty chemicals. She's taken on this endeavor like it's religion and I am gobsmacked by what she has accomplished--this regular "mom" from the suburbs--is helping run a company and educating consumers (like me) how to re-think what chemicals are in our cleaning products. My IQ has gone up 10 points since I met her.

So you get it. Lyne is an amazing business women, but she is also an wonderful friend and human being. When I told Lyne that the South Oakland Citizen's for the Homeless were in need of soap products for their guests she responded by supplying them with enough soap for all their guest for a year! How cool is that? To a homeless person soap and showers, things we take for granted, are a luxury--a wonderful treat.

So here's a great big shout out to ecostore USA and Lyne Appel Dowing. YOU ROCK!

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