Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dora Christmas Carol Show!!

Watch Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure Dec. 6 on Nickelodeon
Favorite Holiday Activities with Kids

Who doesn't love Dora? Dexter calls her Dor Dor but what ever you call her she is pure entertainment. I love all her cute saying and little Spanish accent. As part of the TwitterMoms Dora Christmas Carol contest I was asked what my 5 favorite things to do with Dexter on the holidays.

Here they are in no particular order:

*Bake Cookies (I bake, he eats)
*Make drawings/painting/construction paper decorations
*Drink Hot Chocolate (mine spiked with peppermint shnapps, his spiked with milk!)
*Play in the leaves (Thanksgiving) or the snow (Christmas)
*Read Holiday themed books and cuddle by the fire!!

Don't forget to tune into Nickelodeon on 12/6 at 8EST to watch Dora's Christmas Carol. I know we'll be TiVoing it for Dexter to watch when he wakes up! He is usually in bed by 8:30


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