Monday, November 23, 2009

EcoStore USA Share the Love Holiday Sale

You have heard me talk about EcoStore USA time and again. They are not only some amazing people to work with but they make killer products. Killer as in rad, not as in toxic! They take No Nasty Chemicals to a whole new level.

Recently, EcoStore USA was named Best Green Initiative and they will be awarded their prize in early 2010! Lyne Downing, VP of EcoStore USA was also just featured in Corp Magazine.

EcoStore USA is going Viral, have you tried their all-natural products yet? What are you waiting for? A sale perhaps? Well, you are in luck! Starting TODAY at 5pm and running through the end of the year you will get 40% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE and free shipping on orders over $25! How's that for a sale? They are calling this sale, Share the Love. Why wouldn't they, Christmas is about giving and sharing, right? How about giving that new Mama on your list some awesome Baby Shampoo, Baby Body Wash and some Baby Massage Oil! She'll thank you and her baby's skin will undoubtedly thank you too. Why not make No Nasty Chemicals a part of your life!

Keep your eyes peeled because I will be giving away the ULTIMATE EcoStore USA prize during my I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas campaign! You'll love it!