Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Green Pan Review

So, in keeping true to my Green Christmas theme, I bring you Green Pan. Green Pan makes very stylish (yes, I said stylish) cookware. I am guilty for using non-stick pans and I was aware that they emitted a gas that the EPA recognizes as a known human carcinogen. I just didn't know another alternative existed, until now!

Last night I made tacos. I usually have a large clean up afterwards because I add tomato sauce to my meat (shhhh, don't tell, it's my secret!) I took a series of pictures to show you how the Green Pan fared.

I found that my meat cooked at least 25% quicker using the Green Pan than my old nasty pan. That is amazing because I don't have all the time in the world for myself so I will save time where ever I can! As you can tell by the last picture, the pan came clean! Right-away. It was really awesome because I wasn't expecting it to be so easy to clean. The only down fall to this pan is the fact that it scratches easily so I am very extremely careful when using it because I don't want to it scratch. Perhaps I will have to get a hanging rack to hang my pans (when I get more Green Pans) so that they don't scratch. They also hold up to temperatures of 850 degrees!! WHOA!

This pan came from the Todd English collection. It looks so sharp with its gray interior, black exterior and stainless steel cover! You can head over and purchase these Green Pans at HSN I will keep you updated in the next coming weeks as to how well the pan holds up over time.


Jenn said...

THANK YOU for reviewing these! Adding them to my Christmas list!!