Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BedVoyage Review and Giveaway-CLOSED

If you are lucky you spend upwards to 8 hours a night in bed. In that time you are exposed to the toxins and chemicals that not only live in your mattress but also in your bedding. I know how expensive a new organic mattress is so I am here today to tell you of a cheaper and much easier fix to lessen the chemicals in your bed. As a matter of fact, today is kicking off my Organic Bedding series for my Green Christmas campaign.

I was introduced to BedVoyage a few weeks ago and I have been sleeping like a baby ever since. BedVoyage makes 100% bamboo travel sheets that are perfect for travel OR home. Bamboo linens are naturally anti-bacterial, odor resistant and hypo-allegenic. They are so soft and so luxurious that you will not be able to wait to crawl into them for the first time (and every other time as well)

The beauty of BedVoyage sheets is that they are made for travel. They have cleverly taken the top sheet and affixed it to the fitted sheet to make changing the sheets and traveling with them a breeze. I am very picky about my sheets and I was surprised about the all-in-one sheet but once I slept on it for the first time, I was hooked! Not only is bamboo very sustainable but it is resistant to pilling. That is very important to insure that you always have a smooth, soft sleeping surface! Take a look at how the all-in-one sheet looks on my bed.

Another thing that I love about my BedVoyage sheets is the fact that they are eco-friendly at its best. As bamboo plants require no fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to grow and harvest, bamboo fiber is naturally hypoallergenic. Bamboo fiber is naturally antifungal and antibacterial due to an inherent property known as 'bamboo kun', which prevents the growth of bacteria. 100% bamboo fiber exhibits a 99.8% kill rate after a 24-hour incubation period. Not only do I sleep better because of the softness and warmth of these sheets but also because I know that they are good for my body and the planet.

I was just recently in NYC (meeting Dr. Greene!!!) and my husband and I stayed at a hotel that had mismatched sheets and the comforter had cigarette burns in it! It wasn't even a smoking room. Needless to say, we slept fully clothed for the duration of our trip. I really wish I would have had my BedVoyage travel sheets. When you are traveling, BedVoyage provides a little laminated card to place on your bed so that your sheets are not changed by the maid staff. Here is a picture of what it says:

For those non-English speaking housekeepers, the reverse is in Espanol:

Each BedVoyage sheet set comes with a traveling bag to keep your sheet and pillowcases together along with your laminated card. Each standard size pillow case is monogrammed and zippered so that you can be fully covered. I thought that would be uncomfortable because zippers are hard but these are well hidden and very small. Look and see for yourself

All BedVoyage sheets come in your choice of white or sage green and they range in size from Twin to King. Twin sheets start at $149 and King Sheets are $209 If you would like to experience these eco-luxurious BedVoyage sheets for yourself, today is your lucky day.

I would like for you to tell me your dream vacation and how you would use your BedVoyage sheets. I like creativity and so do my friends at BedVoyage so humor us with your submission. Tell us everything from the hotel, to the beaches, to the tourists sights that you would go and see. Simply email with your story and comment here telling me that you emailed them OR just write your submission here in the comment section.

The Deadline for entering will be one month from today, January 6th, 2010 at midnight EST. Good Luck and let your stories roll!

*I received the products above free of charge for the sole purpose of review. I did not receive any sort of compensation that would affect my opinion of this company or it's product. The opinions are mine, all mine!*


Deb said...

Those sound divine. Thanks for hosting another great giveaway.

ps....are you enjoying the snow & cold?? I'm over it and ready for spring :)

royaldixie said...

I am soooo over it! My feet are numb numb numb! SO glad to see you back around Deb!!

With Child said...

I emailed them :)

elizabethglassturner (at) gmail (dot) com

With Child said...

(PS - this is my dream vacation...)

My dream vacation would be a slow, rambling trip around Europe. I would sketch at a sidewalk cafe in Paris, I would dash into book stores on Charing Cross in London, I would poke my curious nose into outdoor markets in Provence, and I would bask in Renaissance art in Rome. I would stay in hostels, B&B's, and some well-chosen swanky hotels, and I would never, ever sign up for a formal tour bus. I would send photo postcards a la cellphones to friends - probably of exquisite leather Italian shoes in shop windows, or dessert plates drizzled in chocolate sauce in Vienna.

elizabethglassturner (at) gmail (dot) com

kelley said...

I emailed them my dream vacation. Hope yall enjoy!

megan said...

My dream vacation would be a trip to Greece.

JRG said...

Dream vacation would be in Switzerland!

Melissa said...

I'm actually going on my dream trip in a few months- a 2 week vacation to China! Would love to pack these along...

xmeliss182x (at) yahoo (dot) com

Judy B said...

It's much cheaper to write about a dream vacation than take one. Thanks!
judychrz at

Roxy said...

my dream vacation is to charter a yacht and sail it around to all the major ports in all continents. I'd like to start in the cold of antartica (are yachts allowed there?) and make it around the globe, touching new zealand, australia, indonesia, japan, thailand, india, madagascar, south africa, morrocco, italy, greece, turkey, france, carribean at the very least. I just worry that I'll be sea-sick the whole time, since I have very bad motion sickness.

hockiemack at

Beth Larrabee said...

Honestly my dream vacation would be anywhere where my family was not!!! I am a stay at home mom who doesn't drive and I need a break! My sheets at home are thread bare and ripped in places. I can't see spending money on mine and my hubby's sheets when the kids need so much. I would love to vacation in a beach side cabana, where I could be served breakfast in bed, on sheets that were divine.

The Jackson Family Blog said...

My dream vacation would be an All Inclusive resort in Jamaica!!! We went there a few years back on a cruise and only spent a few hours. I fell in LOVE! Nick and I are planning to renew our wedding vows in Jamaica for our tenth wedding anniversary! I can't wait! Not only would I get to go back but I would soooo love to use these awesome sheets when we travel there! (or anywhere in between)

I think what I look forward to the most is to just sit on the beach with my Appleton Estates Rum!! I also want to do some excursions like climbing the water falls in Negril, shopping and running around meeting locals in Montego Bay. And of course, as I mentioned the rum before I would LOVE to do a tour of the Appleton Estates to see how the Rum is made and get tasty samples.

Have you noticed I didn't mention the ocean? Well, I'll prob take a dip or two but I'm SO scared of sharks and my greatest fear of all time is to be eaten alive or drowning and something that could put both my fears in one place would be the big blue! So....wading yes, sun bathing yes, snorkling or scuba diving where I can look like a tasty morsel. No thank you! ha

Anonymous said...

My dream vacation would be with my entire family at the beautiful Disney Resort..all expense paid. Seeing our grandbabies smiles and hearing their giggles would mean the world to me.

Vanessa said...

My dream vacation would be for my hubby and I to go all over Australia. We would bring our sheet set with us so that we had a comfortable bed when we snuggle. ;)

Nancy said...

I'm emailing them my story. Thanks!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) said...

I'm emailing my story! :)

Kathleen W. said...

My dream vacation: trekking through the Souk in Marrakesh, Morocco, smelling all sorts of spices and leathers, trying on weird shoes and trying to fight off vendors trying to get me to buy their wares. After a stop for some mint tea, I'd take a camel ride with my husband and son through the desert to a caravan where we'd sleep under the stars, with the BedVoyage travel sheets, of course!

I've been to Spain, but my husband and I have always wanted to go to Morocco, since it seems to exotic. Maybe it's from watching Casablanca and wanting to live that sort of life, but in the end, I'd still want to sleep on some nice sheets and dream about the day.

Cassie M said...

Most people like to get away when they vacation, but having grown up in and lived in a small town, going to the city feels like getting away! I love to go to NYC, catch a Broadway show, eat, shop, and celeb hunt!

brenna said...

I e-mailed! :)

brittany said...

My dream vacation would be to Maui, Hawaii. I would stay at the Grand Wailea Resort. I would try to spend a majority of my time swimming in the ocean, not the resort pools. I would love to take a boat ride to visit other islands. It would be best if the bottom of the ocean could be seen from the boat. I would eat pineapples like crazy, and their ethnic foods.

chris said...

My dream vacation envolves camping I'd like to go to Isle Royale in Northern Michigan.

c solheim at

bettycd said...

We are retired military and were stationed overseas in both Asia and Europe which allowed us to see so much of the world. My European dream vacation would include my college age and beyond kids. They may have visited and lived in some remarkable locations, but it was at a time in their lives that they remember seeing the photo, not having been there. And that seems such a shame.
My dream vacation would start in England where we lived when my youngest was age 2-4.
My oldest brother married in Germany while in the service and ended up retiring over there and my dream vacation would include visiting with him. Rome is a must visit location as our oldest was intent on simply chasing the Vatican pigeons on our earlier visit. And finally we would revisit Istanbul and especially the beautiful seaport of Izmir where we had lived while my son was 2-4 and devoted to pigeon chasing.

And the sheets? They would be a must have. This dream vacation has a quickpaced itinerary with many different lodgings. Having your own sheets takes away a huge worry about each nights stay.

Tracy said...

My favorite holiday would be anywhere warm with a gorgous white sand, anywhere but in Northern Canada, where the igloos are a bit too cold up here this time of year.
I actually don't care even if there was a hotel, I'll just a hammock with a good bottle of wine, soaking up some sun rays.

To top it off, If I could have some very hot topless guys being my butlers/ slaves, giving me massages every day, I could handle that, as well.

If I do have to have a hotel. I like my beds very soft, almost like a marshmallow soft, with lots of pillows, I hate hotel rooms that give you flat pillows, and then only give you two. there is nothing worse than that.
Oh and if your going to give robes to wear, you need to provide slippers as well.

So there you have it. Oh and the sheets? I love high count sheets.

These Travel sheets would come in handy for us, as we travel a lot with our jobs, and thats one thing that kinda grosses us out, is knowing how much cleaning housekeeping has actually done.

(canadian product reviews @

Nicole said...

My dream vacation I would have to say being kid free and not pregnant in Iceland! I had the luxury of going when I was 12 with my cousin and her grand daughter! Yeah great for her to take me, I loved it but I was the built in sitter and well she was a Travel agent so we pretty much traveled for free!
Now 25, pregnant and knowing the exchange rate of money after buying those $160.00US Spice Girl Tromp Stompers I would like to return to enjoy all of the wonderful bars that i was dragged into for Cuz to indulge in different bevereages! Can you tell I would love to relax and enjoy a glass of wine right now? lol Iceland to me was also a great place to relax from the wonderful Saga Hotel who's beds were comfy but made me itch which these sheets would be very useful, to the Awsomley Sulfur stinkin' Hot Spring Blue Lagoon! It was a great expierience, that I am dreaming of being able to enjoy in the future as an Adult!
The sheets would be great on any stay at any hotel for me,not only do I find it gross sleeping on sheets that god knows who else have slept on but my sensative skin always manages to get irritated!

Thanks for the Chance!

tina reynolds said...

I would love these sheets, I too have slept on some disgusting sheets at hotel rooms, the worst was I found blood on the sheets called down to the front desk they brought me new sheets that stunk something terrible. Anyways to my dream trip I would love to go to Australia. It is so pretty and romantic. I would love for me and my hubby to go and bring those sheets for some fun! : )

Trina said...

I actually had the opportunity to go on my dream vacation. I took three months and travelled around the world, I spent about 7 weeks of that time skiing and snowboarding in New Zealand. I was able to visit both the North and South Islands. On the trip I also visited Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Greece, Dubai, Italy, France, England, and Canada. Because I was gone for so long and because some of the cities I stayed in where fairly expensive I needed to stay in hostels on occasion, the BedVoyage sheets would have been great to have in those instances. The trip was wonderful not only to be able to see all the wonderful cities, history and cultures but also because it taught me a sense of independence as I was a single female traveling on my own in some pretty interesting circumstances.

Tuesday Girl said...

I would travel the world staying wherever I felt like it. With these sheets, it wouldn't matter where I stayed, because I would be sleeping on luxury!
I would parasail with them!
I would take long naps in cabs with them.
I would take pictures in front of the pyramids with them!
I would love them and take good care of them for giving me such a great night's rest!

blueviolet said...

I've never had sheets that caress me before and it would be like Hawaii with the romance that could be created on these alluring and lovely linens!

Nicole said...

Not an Entry- lol I know it's over. I am dying to know who Won! Any idea where they are going to post the winner?


carollai said...
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