Friday, December 11, 2009

Being Natural Doesn't Have to be Hard

Lately I have come across a few products that I thought I would tell you all about. The first is a body wash by Depth.

Live beneath the surface
with therapeutic, wild botanicals from the sea.

Submerse yourself in the ocean's depths with this luxurious, refreshing body wash. Enriched with marine botanical extracts and organic aloe vera to naturally cleanse and soothe skin.

70% Organic
Natural Aroma Blend
Paraben Free
100% Vegetarian
No Animal Testing
SLS Free
Phthalate Free

This bottle's shape is inspired by small air bulbs found on sea kelp. Made from 50% recycled materials. This purchase helps fund ocean education for children.

Made in the USA
They are available in a variety of scents such as Bay Coconut (which I reviewed). I loved how yummy it smelled and I love how it lathered up real well. I especially like that they are made in the US and available at Whole Foods or online at

The next product that I would LOVE to introduce you to is made by Pangea Organics.

I was lucky enough to review their Balancing Oil. At first I was like, WHOA, wait, put oil on my acne prone face! YEAH RIGHT! But I tried the teeniest, tiniest amount after my shower and it soaked in right away and it smelled lovely. It is made with
POMEGRANATE with is an antioxidant and is also collagen supporting. This makes my fine lines (ok. laugh lines) happy. It is also made with GERANIUM which is harmonizing and known for its cell repairing ability.

I have been using this oil for a little over a week now and I must say that my face is so soft and supple. My laugh lines aren't gone yet (that would be a miracle in such a short time) but my skin definitely looks better.

I also tried Pangea's Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai and Gogi Berry mask. It was easy to apply, smelled natural and it made my skin look like a million dollars. I mean, look how sexy I look with it on?

It was a lot thinner than most masks that I have tried and I liked the way it felt as I was putting it on and after as I was scrubbing it off. It only requires that you keep it on for 10-20 minutes once or twice a week. I did it during Dexter's bath time and it was perfect. He looked at me like I was the Lochness Monster but what does he know about beauty anyway?

Now I know what you are thinking. Mean Maggie for not getting her wonderful hubby something to try, right? WRONG! He was lucky (and I mean lucky because I usually like all the beauty products for me) to be able to review Jack Black Skin Care products.

No, no, they are not that same Kung Fu Panda Jack Black but rather a sophisticated gentleman who makes killer skin care products. Maybe he is funny and plays a mean guitar too but I wouldn't know!

The Jack Black Face Buff with Vitamin C and Menthol was HANDS DOWN his favorite product that he has yet to test. He has tried a slew of products and he said that this Face Buff is invigorating and refreshing. I was just as surprised to hear those words come out of his mouth as you are reading about it. He is hooked and to me, that is a relief because I have a hard time finding products for him that he truly likes. They are not all natural but do you think that really matters to my hubby? No, it doesn't. He replied "Well, its not like I'll be putting it on Dex anytime soon!" To which I replied, "You better not!" He knows I'd kill him if a paraben touched Dexter! Ok, maybe not kill but definitely maim.

You can make your hubby this Christmas by swinging over to Jack Black and getting him some male empowering skin care products. They do have a natural line if you are interested.

This winter, warm up your loved one’s house and heart by bringing the aroma of old world Italy home for the holidays. TOCCA, the famed Italian beauty brand, presents its most beloved fragrances with an extra touch of romance just in time for the holiday season. Whether gifting that special someone or treating yourself with something special, TOCCA’s limited edition Deluxe Candela is sure to lift spirits long after the season ends.
Three of Tocca’s most adored scents ~ Cleopatra, Grace and Havana ~ have been repacked in a beautiful “Tocca Blue” deluxe glass bottle perfect for dressing up any room in the house.

Available at

*I was provided these lovely samples for review but I was not given a dime to say anything nice about these products. Even if they offered a dime, I probably wouldn't have taken it anyway. But nonetheless, I was not compensated for this review. I am an original and I would like to stay that way*


Shelby said...

That awesome picture of you with the mask on definitely makes me want to try it!! Silly! What does the Face Buff have in it to act as a buffing agent? Jojoba beans?

Anonymous said...

I am always looking for something to help my aging skin and of course without anything toxic your mask picture....cutie!!