Monday, December 7, 2009

Earthzone Pencils Review

Earthzone is "The World's Most Environmentally Friendly Pencil"

Earthzone pencils are made of 100% post-consumer newspaper, and reduces the carbon footprint made by global wood pencil manufacturers. Each year, wood pencils are made out of the 4 billion trees cut down worldwide for paper industries. Pencils are made in factories that cut down trees and pollute the air, and then are thrown away in landfills.
Earthzone’s manufacturing process saves trees instead of using them. Recycling a 4-foot stack of newspapers preserves a 40-foot tree. To make the pencils, Earthzone takes used, whole newspaper sheets, flattens and cuts them, then wraps the pencil graphite with glue. No toxic chemicals are used, and the erasers are latex-free. In addition, Earthzone pencil shavings can be recycled.

Why Earthzone pencils?
*Each pencil is unique and special, just like you!
*Because Earthzone pencils are the best quality and coolest pencils you can buy anywhere!
*Because pencils don't have to be boring to be environmentally friendly!
*Because they're perfect for writing, drawing, or colouring, for people of all ages at school, home, or in the office.
*We believe that everyone has a responsibility to protect our environment, and using Earthzone pencils is a simple way you can make a big impact on improving the health of our planet.
*Because Earthzone cares about the earth as much as we care about our customers.

What I loved about these pencils, besides the fact that they are extremely eco-friendly is the fact that they come with a sharpener. I typically use to use mechanical pencils so I never had a reason to have a sharpener. This is convenient and handy. I also like that they are easy to write with. They also make colored pencils that are equally eco-friendly and write vibrantly just like their non-eco-friendly counterparts.

*Note HB in Canada means #2 so these are test-taking approved!!

You can purchase these Canadian-made pencils at there website here.


Anonymous said...

actually they are #2 and can be used for testing. Up in canada #2 is the same as HB and they labelled HB instead of #2. But in effect they are the same thing - eureka - HB is #2. i looked it up.

from Mommacass

Sandra Garcia said...

Was just going to say the same thing - "HB" is the Canadian version of No. 2. Glad you enjoyed them Maggie!

Sandra Garcia
Publicist, Earthzone