Saturday, December 19, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge Snowland

Two weeks ago I was invited to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge along with 9 other Mommy Bloggers and their families. Remember, I wrote about it HERE. I cannot express to you how impressed I was with every aspect of our stay.

The first thing I noticed when we checked in was the GRAND ENTRANCE (lobby) that was decorated so magically. It had snowflakes and lights, trees and REAL SNOW falling from snow machines high above the rafters. Completely magical and entrancing! My husband and I then took Dexter up to our room and he was completely enthralled with the hallways. Each hallway is decorated with a different theme. You can play a MagiQuest game and use a wand to unlock secrets in each of the hallways! So cool! Since Dexter is not even 2, we didn't partake in that part.

Once we got into the room I was impressed by all the ways that the Great Wolf Lodge recycles. Here are a few of the items in our room that impressed me.

I can honestly say that I have never stayed in a room that had recycling containers. They recycle metal, paper, glass and plastic all in one bin! Just like at home! When I talked to the head of Marketing for the Traverse City Great Wolf Lodge, Rhonda, she said that all their employees recycle at work. They have some 300 employees and she was proud to say that many of them are now recycling at home! Yeah Great Wolf Lodge.

They also have a commitment to reusing water. They believe that recirculation is important due to the millions of gallons of water that pump through their waterparks daily. They have top of the line sanitation equipment that makes recirculating all that water possible!

Ok, so you have come to understand that not only is the Great Wolf Lodge magical and memorable but it is also Earth Friendly and Kid Friendly. Well, how about fun? All I will say is this: Santa arriving on a firetruck, Santa reading a story and making you believe it was music theatre, SNOW falling inside and an AMAZING waterpark. Look at some of my favorite pictures and decide for yourself if you could see your family having a TOTAL blast at the Great Wolf Lodge!

*Thank you to the Great Wolf Lodge for bringing all of us Michigan Mommy Bloggers together for a weekend of fun! You provided the rooms but our hearts received so much pleasure and memories that will last me a lifetime!*


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