Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I rock! I just managed to get my Christmas Photo Cards for FREE

Save 25-50% off on custom printed products at VistaPrint. Order today!

This is exactly HOW I DID IT! Click through my banner. It will get you to the Vista website. Create an account with them and Create your card. THEN go to
http://www.obeythepurebreed.com/vista.html and select Free VistaPrint Holiday Deals. It will take you to the site. There, you will be able to create another card (or the same one). I chose to do a different card for a better selection of cards. Then, when you go to checkout you will have both cards in there and they will be FREE (only for 10 of each). I got 10 Flat 4x6 and 10 flat 5x8 cards, with photos for FREE!!! All I had to pay was for the shipping. I paid through Paypal, SUPER EASY and choice 7 day shipping!!

Let me know how it goes for you! I love saving money!!


Deb said...

Way to go! I still need to take a photo for the cards---I better get busy.

royaldixie said...

Hahaha Deb. I know what you mean. I just happened to have one from a recent wedding. Get on it lady!!