Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Vlog of the day!!

Dexter the Circus Animal Doing What He Does Best....

Please ignore the sound on this one. I was watching Greys!! LOL I sounds awful!

A Day in the Life of a Cloth Diapering Mommy....

So, I can now say that I have taken the cloth leap. I am journaling around the clock.

My favorite color is lime green. I have decided to make 2009 the time for going green. I reduce. I reuse. I recycle. Now I can say, I cloth diaper!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Tereson Dupuy, inventor of Fuzzi Bunz for sending me 6 Medium Fuzzi Bunz to get me started on this crazy journey. Tereson writes her own blog over at Tereson also was nice enough to offer up a 3-pack of diapers for a contest. Who doesn't love the chance to win cloth diapers.

Well, its nap time and the time that you have all been waiting for. I will be typing my journal from the previous day and sharing my rule of the day with you, that is, if the laundry monster doesn't kill me first!! LOL

Rule #1:
*Make sure you wash your cloth diapers in VERY HOT water AT LEAST 3-5 times before using so a day like yesterday doesn't happen to you!

1/27 8:17 pm Dexter's first cloth diaper--BED TIME

1/28 7:46 am Dexter is wet from head-to-toe *lesson learned-stuff two inserts for overnight wear*
9:18 First cloth poopy diaper change. It wasn't so bad until I went to put the poopies in the toilet. I ended up smearing poop all over the rim and bowl. Other than that, it wasn't too bad.
11:45 Down for a nap
1:30-Woke up from nap completely wet up the front and the back. *lesson learned-change D's diaper right before the nap so you don't make more work for yourself!* I needed to change his onesie, shirt, pants and sheets!! This diaper also was poopy and I managed to get everything in the toilet without any problems!!! I am rising above the challenge YEAH!

I decide later that I don't like cloth diapers.
2:14-First load of laundry for the day

DADDY TIME--I went to work...... Daddy texts me and tells me that he loves cloth diapers. (Need I mention that he didn't have a poopy diaper!)

9:00-I arrive home and we talked about cloth diapers. My hubby tells me that he went to Fuzzi Bunz and did his homework. He then goes on to tell me that he stuffed 2 inserts into the "red fuzzi bun" I couldn't help but laugh at my husband. Jason laughed at me when I told him that I was giving up the cloth adventure because I hate all the laundry and poopie smears. He told me that we owe it to Dexter to hang on and cloth diaper for at least a week. He also said that his Momma told him that cloth diapering would make it easier to eventually potty train the D-man!! That sold me. I then confessed that I had never used a cloth diaper before today and what did Jason do?! He laughed uproariously at me! I told him that he had done it in the past because he is an old man!! HAHAHA Now who is laughing?

Let me introduce you to the poster child for Fuzzi Bunz (ok, he isn't officially, but a Mommy can dream can't she?!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eady Beady Review and Giveaway CLOSED

CONGRATULATIONS MAUREEN!! You have graciously accepted your win, enjoy!!!

Thank you to Edwina, the mastermind behind my new favorite Etsy Shop, Eady Beady Bags for sending me this lovely bag to review. I chose the Leah Sling/Joel Dewberry Damask in Espresso. When I got it I was really surprised by how roomy it is. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a BIG BAG lover. It has to be able to fit an elephant or I am not interested!

What I love about Eady Beady's Bags:
*They are machine washable
*They are 100% Cotton and feature a magnetic closure
*They are made from designer fabrics
*They can fit an elephant inside!!!
*They are hand-made but are very sturdy and lovely
*They stitching is incredible and impressive

Edwina also was nice enough to send me a matching coin purse!! How sweet, eh?! She was also nice enough to giveaway this lovely Leah Sling to one lucky DSSM Reader!!

Head over to her Etsy Shop and tell me your favorite item for your chance to win. Come back here and comment on which item struck your fancy! I will chose the winner on February 3rd at NOON EST!!

Do you want extra entries?! You can do any or all of the following (and make separate comments for each):
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*Email 5 friends about this review and CC me at newmommyin08 {at}
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Paper So Pretty Review and GIVEAWAY!!

Welcome to my First Bloggy Carnival Giveaway!! You can get right back to the master list via this LINK

WoW! Stunning, amazing, gorgeous, shocking, perfect, PRETTY--I never thought I would use these words to describe paper! That was, until I found Paper So Pretty! Seeing this invitation shocked me not only because the invitation itself is colorful and inventive but because I cannot believe that Dexter is almost ONE YEAR OLD!!!

Shannon told me that Paper So Pretty started one day when her husband, Michael suggested that they quit their jobs in order to make stationary! How romantic, adventurous and confident! After debuting at the National Stationary Convention their business took off. How couldn't it, all of their items are so unique and chic!!

Look at the amazing invitations that Shannon was so nice to send to me.

The "One" on the top is part of what Paper So Pretty calls their "wigglers". It has a spring on the back of it that wiggles the number when the recipient pulls the invite out of the envelope! If that wasn't cool enough, the "wiggler" is also glittery! It doesn't get any better than this! Paper So Pretty invitations are sold in boutiques across the country and on several awesome websites. You can see a list of those online retailers and search for a store near you by clicking HERE

Paper so Pretty was also so nice to have sent me 20 matching note cards that say DEXTER PHILIP on the front! They will make the perfect thank you card for the gifts that Dexter will receive. If you haven't fallen in love with Paper So Pretty yet, you will when I tell you that they are giving my readers the chance to win 20 invitations from their collection.

Head on over to Paper So Pretty and tell me what invitation you will pick if you are to win!
This is a prize valued at around $40!!! How generous! I will draw the winning number on at noon on GROUNDHOG'S DAY (02/02/09)

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tees for a Change Review

I am always on the lookout for wonderfully made baby clothes. Baby clothes that are eco-friendly are an even bugger bonus!! When I came across Tees For Change, I knew I needed to try their onesies for myself (ok, more for Dexter but you get the idea)

They sell "eco-friendly and sweatshop-free organic cotton and bamboo tees. Adorned with positive and uplifting messages, our tees inspire you to think positively AND give back though our 'buy a tee, plant a tree' partnership with Trees for the Future. Our tees are luxuriously soft, super comfortable, have an amazing fit and are dyed with environmentally friendly low impact dyes." (Now do you understand why I love them so much?!)

Their mission is to inspire you to live life with passion, purpose, and positivity. It doesn't get any more honest or simple than that. Andreea was nice enough to send Mister Dexter this sweet onesie:

The onesie was a little small for Dexter (it is a 12-18 month) and I fear he will only be able to wear it for about a month. As you can tell by the sweet pictures, his little belly is hanging out!! I love the mantra of Play Often. Its not like the Dman needs any permission to go and have fun but this onesie reminds me that he is just a sweet, innocent and eager little boy who loves to Play Often!

The shirt is sooo soft and sweet. I loved the cream color. I especially love that it is 100% organic and I don't have to worry about harmful chemicals or dyes in the print.

Here are a few of the pictures I was able to capture of Dexter in action. This first one is my favorite because it embodies the "Play Often" spirit:

What are you waiting for? Go over to Tees for Change and buy yourself a tee and in return, a tree will be planted!!

Fill In The Blankie Review

Who doesn't love sentimental baby items? I don't know any Mommy, new or old, who is not sentimental. I was floored when I first found Fill In the Blankie. They make the most exceptional blankies that I have ever seen. Think clouds meet sweet love poems meet relaxation. That embalms all of the superior blankets that Fill in the Blankie makes!!

When I first got my Fill in the Blankie I immediately opened the package to see this nestled inside~

They had the cutest tag that was held on by a nice, big cloth-diaper pin. It talked about the history behind Fill in the Blankie. In case you are wondering yourself, here it is:

"The real Miss Sonya was born in 1901. She was my wife's Swedish Mormor (which translates into "mother's mother"). Her loves were her family, baking, weaving and embroidery. When she wasn't in her kitchen making a loaf of cardamon coffee cake or some pepakokor cookies, she was in her rocking chair embroidering one of her heirloom quality blankets for the newest babyin the family.

Her blankies were the inspiration for our Sonya Bebeblankees. We have searched high and low for the softest weaves and the silkiest edges. Each embroidered blankie is prepared with love and care. They are super-unique and extremely thoughtful. We hope we make you look good by giving this gift."

The blanket was lined with a soft and luxurious satin lining that had the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on it. Take a look!

I love this company so much and I am thrilled to introduce you, my readers to FILL IN THE BLANKIE!!

Now, here is Dexter's review of his new blankie (he was tired so he wants me to tell you to pardon the bags under his eyes!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bummas Review and GIVEAWAY

Do you have a child that has had diaper rash or irritation? Chances are the answer is yes. I know that Dexter has occasion irritation, especially overnight.

With the help of Bummas, Dexter has had no diaper rash OR irritation in the last week. Thank you to Bummas for sending me a pack of Bummas to review. What are Bummas you ask? Well, they are eco-friendly diaper wipes. They are MADE IN THE USA of 100% Cotton - Woven Velour
Terry Cloth. They are very convenient, being only 5x7 they fit in your diaper bag or anywhere else you may need them. They come in a wide-variety of cool colors, I chose the Boy pack of 10 blue and green wipes. They are also machine washable and they will not fade or pill! How nice!

How they work. After diaper changes, I would wipe Dexter with a Bummas wipe to ensure that his bum was nice and dry. Thats the trick! That is why I didn't need to use baby powder or creams!

Other uses for Bummas include, but are not limited to:
-Averting the squirt during diaper changes
-Over-the-shoulder for a little burp cloth
-Wiping little noses
-Bathtime washcloth

How would you like the chance to win a 10-pack of Bummas, valued at $16?! THANK YOU to our friends over at Bummas you will get a chance to do just that. All you have to do is head over to Bummas and come back here and comment with your favorite color combination.

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Good Luck! You have until NOON on January 28th to enter to win.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bobux Review and Giveaway!

Happy Martin Luther King Day everyone. Today I have a new giveaway for you. Kathy, at Bobux was nice enough to send me a pair of shoes to review. When I got them I was stunned because they are so nice and sturdy. They certainly look very expensive. I chose the i-Walks in navy and tan.

Bobux International Ltd was formed in January 1991 when New Zealand designers Chris and Colleen Bennett launched a unique, innovative and new category of soft soled leather shoes for children under their brand, Bobux.

What makes Bobux so special?!
*Bobux are the original soft soled leather baby shoes with the ankle elastic system that ensures they are easy to slip on and they stay On!

*Bobux are made from Eco-leather, a soft natural leather, tanned in an environmentally friendly method that is safe for your baby. Bobux Eco-leather is Chrome(VI) free and surpasses British Safety Standard BS 5665:EN71 making Bobux safe for your baby even if they put them in their mouth.

*Bobux are washable! We suggest occasional machine washing with like colors on gentle cycle using a mild detergent, or wash by hand. Stuff with paper towel and air dry.

*Bobux are handcrafted from only the softest natural leather, which means we don't have to line them. This allows the leather to absorb perspiration, keeping the feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The i-Walks have a flexible sole but it is supportive enough to help Dexter walk all around the house. I love how classy they look on his little feet. They are not at all tacky and chunky like lots of other baby shoes I have seen.

My favorite picture that I take for all of my reviews is this one, the view from Dexter's eyes:

Right now Bobux has a few FANTASTIC deals going on. You can get a FREE pair of BabyLegs with any shoes purchase if you enter code 1208BL at checkout (a $12 offer!). They also are offering 15% off your order when you enter code BLG0815 at checkout.

Bobux was nice enough to offer Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy's readers with a chance to win a pair of Soft-Soled shoes, valued at $29. Would you like a chance to win? All you need to do is head over to Bobux and take a look around and tell me your favorite soft-sole shoes that you would like to win. Leave me a comment with your top choice.

This wonderful contest will run from today, January 19th, through January 26th at Noon EST. I will then draw/contact the winner.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Should I just call this my video blog?!

I am addicted to my new Nikon Cool Pix digital camera in Eco-Green! The video feature is the reason you are all able to enjoy my videos of little man running ramped throughout my house!! Here are a few new videos of Dexter

A. Discovering that he can now climb on my chair-ALL BY HIMSELF!!

B. Showing you that he can sign "milk" now when he wants more milk!! I love it!! He is too precious and too damn smart for his own good!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Dexter is now walking about 65% of the time. He likes to walk everywhere. He sure is getting the hang of it. He walks around and carries little toys. Its too adorable. I thought I would share some of the newest releases in the Smith household!

Grab some popcorn and enjoy!!

And who doesn't love slobbery Bulldogge kisses? Apparently Dexter loves them because he walks to Daisy all the time!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Here is a list of current giveaways here at Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy! Click on each giveaway link in order to enter!

Giveaways are only open to US and Canadian Addresses! Thank you.

$100 Cash Giveaway ends Oct 2nd

Myah and Me Mom/Child Matching Shirts ends Oct 4th

Thursday, January 8, 2009

WeeSteps Review and Giveaway!

Welcome to Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy's BIGGEST giveaway yet! Thank you to Joe from WeeSteps for putting together this fantastic giveaway/promo code/review!

WeeSteps makes the perfect shoes for just that, Wee Steps. Joe sent me 4 pairs of Soft Soled Baby Shoes and two pairs of their WeeBoots. Dexter is pimpin' now! For the last couple of days, I followed him around the house as he walked, crawled and got into everything (all while wearing his WeeSteps). My favorite part about these shoes is the fact that he couldn't yank them off!! If you are a mother with a toddler, you know how important this is!

Each side of the shoe has a nice hidden elastic strip that allows for an easier time getting the shoe on. I hope that your child is not like Mr-scrunch-my-toes-everytime-Momma-ambushes-me-with-shoes. He always scrunches his toes and it is so hard to get shoes on. I loved these soft-sole shoes though because I can tickle him through the soles and he has to the straighten his foot!!

These were Dexter's first pairs of Soft-Sole shoes. Why are soft soles important? I am glad you asked! Soft-soled shoes are recommended by Pediatricians for babies' proper feet and walking development. It also helps baby to grasp the ground beneath them (like Mr. Scrunchy toes) to help them learn how to walk more proficiently.

Wee Steps are secure because there are no laces to trip over or velcro to undo. They are also dependable. They are handcrafted from natural leather by dedicated artisans. They are also machine washable! Just incase you didn't see that, THEY ARE ALSO MACHINE WASHABLE!! They are also skid-resistant. Non-skid suede soles are ideal for babies and toddlers learning to walk, enabling toe-gripping like bare feet. AND, last but not least, they are soooo cute! There are so much nicer in person then on their website, and that is saying a lot because I thought them to be cute online too!

Here are my favorite pictures of my paparazzi session with Mister Mister:

Reading with Froggy:

I love reading with my froggy friends:

I think Mommy caught me being a pirate:

If I could have taken a picture of what my shoes look like to me, this is what it would have looked like:

My Daddy came home and scared me, good think I love being scared. These shoes are too cute, aren't they?!

The star shoes help me to climb on everything and terrorize the house!

WeeSteps also makes WeeBoots and NexStep shoes for older kids. They have a limited amount of the NexStep shoes available right now because they are working on a new line of big-kid shoes for 2010!

The wonderful people at WeeSteps are not only giving away ONE pair of Shoes AND ONE pair of boots to the first-place winner, they are also giving away either shoes OR boots to the runner up! If that wasn't already great enough, you, my readers will also have the opportunity to order any shoes from their website at 20% off by entering the promo code DEXTER at checkout. This contest and promo will run from now, January 8th through next Thursday, January 15th at midnight, PST.

What do you have to do in order to win?! Easy, go over to WeeSteps and find your favorite pair of shoes AND boots and come back here and tell me your favorite picks. ALSO include your email address in your comment or your entry will not count! You can earn extra entries by doing any/all of the following and making a new comment for each extra entry:

*Follow me on Blogger
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*Favorite me on Technorati
*Grab my button and put it on your site (comment back with the link)
*Blog about this promotion
*WANT 3 EXTRA ENTRIES?! Buy a pair or two or ten of WeeSteps shoes using promo code DEXTER and email me at with your order number and I will enter you 3 more times in this drawing.

GOOD LUCK-you have one week to enter/shop!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BabyLegs Review and GIVEAWAY!

Congratulations to Piece of ME! I have contacted her and I am awaiting her response! Thanks for entering.

What mother hasn't heard of BabyLegs? But how many of you have the luxury of being able to say that you have tried them on your little ones? Oh, oh, pick me!!

Amanda over at BabyLegs was nice enough to send me a pair of their super-luxurious, super-cozy, SuperSoft designs. These
silky, plush BabyLegs ward off winter chill for little arms and legs and are a must-have for unpredictable weather changes or just lounging around the house.

As most of you already know, my little man is quite the destructive monster. He loves to rip, chew and destroy everything so I was pleasantly surprised that he likes his BabyLegs. They didn't bother him at all! They allowed him to hang around our chilly (we keep it set at 63 degrees) house in just a onesie! Man did he look cute! See for yourself.....

and this one reminds me of a cute little ballerina (don't tell him I said that!)

I have to admit that I thought that these amazing SuperSoft BabyLegs were so perfect that I tried them on myself. They were so soft and perfect for my chilly arms. What really surprised me was when I left the room for a little while only to return to find my husband trying the luxurious BabyLegs on himself! I was shocked. My husband is burly and brawny, not a BabyLeg-wearing-Daddy! Little did I know!

Want me to share a secret with you? BabyLegs is going to be coming up with NEW Valentine's inspired BabyLegs and I was able to get my hands on some pictures of these awesome new BabyLegs. Aren't these perfect?!

How would you like the chance to win a $20 gift certificate to BabyLegs? The amazing people over at BabyLegs are giving me the chance to give away a $20 gift certificate to one lucky DSSM reader! Yeah! What do you need to do in order to win? You need to leave me a comment letting me know your favorite winter memory and HOW BabyLegs could have made it better. Please be sure to include a specific BabyLeg product in your story or you will not be qualified. I also need you to include your email address in your comment so that I can contact the winner.

This wonderful contest will run from today, January 7th, through January 17th at Noon EST. I will then draw/contact the winner.

Do you want extra entries?! You can do any or all of the following (and make separate comments for each):
*Follow me on Blogger
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*Email 5 friends about this review and CC me at
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Did I give birth to Evil Kinevil Junior?!

This is the newest heart-dropping adventure that my Little Kinevil has undertaken!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Walker!

So, on New Years Eve, Dexter took his first independent steps. He has been going ever since. He sure is getting it down pat. I can't believe how fast time flies. I look at him and wonder where my baby went. He has 6 teeth, is starting to walk on his own and he says many words. Time sure flies when you are having fun!
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