Saturday, May 30, 2009

Things will start to pick up on Monday.....

These past few weeks have been so hectic. Jason and I spent Memorial Day Weekend at his brother's house and Dexter had a blast camping in their front yard and playing with his cousins in the dirt. Here are some super cute pictures from the weekend.

Then, the day that we got back from visiting with Jason's brother, my brother Nick came to visit for the week! We had a blast. Dexter and I went and visited his hotel the first day he was here and the view from his window was beautiful. Check it out!

Nick brought me a present when he came to town, my very own Brewers Koozie!

Yesterday, Nick and I went golfing and we had a great time. Nick's handicap, according to him, is a 7. He is pretty good. Here are a few pictures of our golf outing. For the record, those divots are all Nick's...he is a hard shooter!

These are a few reasons why I haven't posted a lot over the last week. Forgive me. In the next month or so you can look forward to reviews of the Flip Mino HD, Wondertoast onesies, several great books and giveaways from Battlefield of the Mind, Pevonia and Seventh Generation. I promise to keep it real and make it interesting. I hope you enjoyed all of my pictures!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Green Teen Review

Today's teenagers are standing at the crossroads of environmental history. Global warming will fundamentally change the world as they know it within their lifetime. But how to keep their healthy environmental awareness from becoming environmental anxiety? The secret is to provide them with education and tools for positive action.

Written in easily accessible language, The Green Teen combines simple and quick eco-friendly tips, interviews with "green teens", ideas for organizing and communicating environmental change and a host of resources in a handy "grab-and-go" format. Teens will learn:

*How the choices they make each day impact the environment
*How to fit eco-friendly decisions into their tight schedules and budgets
*How to effectively get today's decision makers involved in environmental stewardship

Teens want to learn how to minimize their environmental impact at home, at school, and in their communities and get their concerns recognized by school officials, politicians, media, and even their own parents. The Green Teen is the book that will help them do it, and it is also a must-read for parents, grandparents, teachers and school administrators who want to help the next generation make environmentally responsible choices.

Jenn Savedge is the author of The Green Parent: A Kid-Friendly Guide to Earth-Friendly Living, an avid environmentalist, and a recognized authority and frequent speaker on reducing the environmental impact of the family. Her articles have appeared in national print and on-line media.

Please leave me a comment telling me why you think its important for today's teen to think green!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tip Toey Joey Shoe Review

The only reason this review might seem a little weird is because I cannot contain my excitement. I found a shoe company that is not only FABULOUSLY Chic but also very elusive. No one is wearing them here in the US yet (not anyone that I know) and for that, I love it! I love being the only one who has something, it makes me feel special. I especially love when Dexter and I are out and about and someone comes up raving about something that Dexter is wearing. I always smile and say, "Oh, that's his Children's Place sweater" or, "these shoes, oh, you can only get them online!" They can't help but comment because Dexter is pimpin'

Check out these sweet new shoes he got from Tip Toey Joey. This company sells its shoes in Australia and Portugal and they will soon be launching in the United States. I cannot get images from their website so you will just have to A.) Visit their site and check out their sweet shoes, they are so sweet they will make your teeth ache and B.) Check out Dexter sporting his Tip Toey Joeys.

Check out my blog as I will be talking more about Tip Toey Joey throughout the year as they embark on their journey to the US.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vivesana Review and Giveaway

How many of your worry about your child's exposure to the sun? Well, you should. I know I have said it before and I will say it again but the sun exposure that your child gets before age 18 sets up their risks of skin cancer later in life. I vow to always keep Dexter protected. One way to do this is to use a good quality sunscreen that has a high SPF.

Vivesana would like to present something very new to the world of organic sun care, including....
~ the first 70% organic baby and high performance sun care on the market.
~ clear application, deep moisturization, and more than a little style.
~ the first 100% natural sun care with strong protection - the highest all-natural SPF (40 & 42) on the market, actually
~ the first sun care - as far as we can tell - to use exclusively US-grown organics and domestic, sustainable, BPA-free packaging.

Vivesana makes a Polar Baby sunscreen that is Fiercely Protective. Gently Nourishing Solar to Polar Baby is the strongest, safest natural UVA/UVB protection this side of a shady tree. It employs photo-protective, antioxidant-rich botanicals to supplement natural zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The result is unique: highly protective, gentle, and nourishing natural protection for little ones. Let the fun shine in! Pure on Purpose. Solar to Polar Baby naturally integrates with skin, allowing it to absorb fast and clear and moisturize gently. (Retails for $32 for 2.25 oz. tube)

What I like about it is the fact that it is really rich and thick (because Vivesana doesn't use fillers) and it smells very fresh and clean. You wouldn't even know you have it on!

Vivesana also makes a Polar to Polar Ultra Sunscreen. Fiercely Protective. Gently Nourishing. Solar to Polar Ultra's light botanicals, like jojoba and apricot, hydrate and nourish. Potent antioxidants, like green tea and raspberry seed, help scavenge radicals and repair damaged cells. Minerals, like zinc oxide, provide broad spectrum protection. Soothing extracts, like chamomile, help comfort skin exposed to the elements.
Pure on Purpose. Solar to Polar Ultra is designed to match skin composition, so it absorbs clearly and quickly, moisturizes gently and actively repairs skin. Made to Stay Put When You Don't. Durable barrier waxes and strong botanical integration with skin means excellent durability. Solar to Polar Ultra keeps up with the most active lifestyles.

I didn't get to review with product but it retails for $29 for a 2.25 oz tube.

In honor of National Skin Cancer Awareness Month, one lucky Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy winner will receive a tube of the Solar to Polar Ultra and Baby (a $61 value).

In order to win, please visit Vivesana and sign up to receive updates from them (on the lower right side of the mainpage). Come back here and tell me you did that by leaving the email address you signed up with. I will use that email to contact you if you should be my lucky winner!

Want extra entries?
*Follow me on Twitter and Tweet this contest (can make a new tweet everyday but must leave a comment with tweet)
*Follow me on blogger
*Email 5 friends about this contest and cc me at newmommyin08 {at} yahoo {dot} com
*Visit Vivesana and tell me something that you learned about their products or company.

This wonderful contest will end on June 3rd at NOON EST so get tweeting and entering!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stride Rite Review

I was having a conversation with a few Mommy friends the other day about baby shoes. All of you know I am so addicted to shoes that it is borderline neurotic. I love all styles, colors and brands. Lisa said her son has wide feet and someone had suggested that she try Stride Rite shoes. In my opinion, Stride Rite makes shoes that are not only fashionable but functional as well. Dexter also has wide feet and Stride Rite is one of the only companies that I know of that make baby shoes in wide sizes!!

Stride Rite has been making shoes for over 85 years so they know a thing or two about doing it right! Here are a few of my favorites from their site

The shoes that Stride Rite sent for Dexter were a little small but I managed to squeeze him in them for a short photo opp.
Don't mind the holes in D's jeans, that kid managed to get holes in the knees of every pair of jeans he owns (that is another post altogether).

Check out their webpage, you will be happy you did. They have a nice sale going on right now and if you are anything like me, I cannot resist a sale!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Quantum Life Settlements

One of the most valuable (and often overlooked) assets people 65 and over have is their life insurance policy. Most people don't realize they (or their parents) can obtain a sizable lump sum cash settlement for their policies. Most life settlements occur through a broker like Quantum Life Settlements, who is able to obtain the highest possible cash offer for the policy holder.

A Candidate for a Life Settlement:
Has an existing insurance policy with a death benefit of at least $500,00 , is at least 70 years old, and/or has a life expectancy between 2 and 15 years
Has considered surrendering or letting your coverage lapse for any other reason
No longer needs the coverage
Has premiums on their life insurance plan that have become too costly
Has an immediate need for cash
Quantum Life Settlements is located at 2700 Lighthouse Point East, STE 260, Baltimore, MD 21224.Representatives are available by phone at: 877-690-2424 to answer questions. More information is available on their website: Life Settlements

Take the 8 Question Qualifier to get started HERE

A Day in the Life of Dexter.......

OMG do I love love love fresh air. I am so pleased by how well little man sleeps when he has been out and about during the day. Thanks to my mom, Nannie, Dexter is now the proud owner of a New Radio Flyer All Terrain Wagon! Dexter loves it soooo much. Jason and I took him for a little walk in it to watch the sunset over the Lake and it was so fun! Here are a few pictures Jason took!

Save 10% with The Sak

Interested in getting 10% off your next purchase? You can with the sak! Head over to and sign up for our mailing list in the bottom right hand corner to receive your discount.

Being the handbag junkie that I am, I never can pass up a good deal. I have owned some head-turning, eye-popping Sak bags in my day and I love their quality. You can thank me for the discount later!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I am clearly obsessed! I love buying shoes for Dexter--a lot!!! I usually buy from Amazon or other online shoe stores. Recently, I came across Shoebuy and they don't charge tax or shipping!! That is amazing.

I bought the cutest pair of Pumas for Dexter for $32 shipped!! Right now, if you head over to Shoebuy you will get $10 off your purchase of $50 or more plus, as always, free shipping and no tax! How great is that?!

Let me know what you will buy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wilton Review

Whenever the name Wilton comes up I immediately think of baked goods and yummies! I love their cookie sheets, cake decorating kits, everything. Recently I was sent a cupcake tower to review. I have never owned one before so I was delighted!!

What I really love about this Cupcakes and More Stand was the fact that it assembles real easily (with a tool that they include for convenience) and you can then take it apart so it gets put away easily! Who doesn't love that? I do not own any cooling racks so I found it amazingly awesome that I could put my fresh-out-of-the-oven cupcakes on the tower to cool off before frosting!! Probably my favorite thing about this cupcake tower is the fact that it is dazzling. People were really impressed! I had at least 10 people ask me where I got it and how they could get one. I told them

This Cupcakes and More Stand retails for $31.49 and it holds 23 cupcakes. So convenient that it isn't quite two dozen because that means I have to eat one in order for all of my cupcakes to fit!! hehehehe

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pedoodles Sale

Pedoodles is currently running a sale on all our Eco Friendly styles. The sale runs until May 20th. The shoes are on sale for $30 (instead of $36). Check out their site at

Monday, May 11, 2009

Eden Fantasys Review

So, back when Eden Fantasys contacted me about reviewing products for them I was a little nervous at first, I mean, come on, my Mom reads my blog! (Hi Mom!) It then dawned on me that we are all here for one reason, we are all Mothers. Being a Mommy doesn't necessarily mean that you have given birth but I assume that none of my readers are virgins! lol

Anyway, I am a Mommy first and foremost and a being a wife seems to come second these days. That is another reason why I thought that being an Eden Fantasys reviewer would be a great idea. Every wife wants to make her husband happy and one great place to start (or end) is in the bedroom ;)

Eden Fantasys believes in helping couples reconnect and they have a million toys/DVDs/lingerie/sensual items to help you along the way. The first thing that Eden Fantasys sent me was The Little Paul. This is for all of you who have gone on an excursion looking for the G spot but never quite reached your destination. This vibrator sure packs a punch! It is completely waterproof and is made of silicone so it is odorless and easy to wash! One feature that I really like is the touch buttons which allow you to effortlessly control the speed and intensity of this high-powered vibe. How neat is that?! You know, it just dawned on me that not all of you are probably married, which, in this case is ok too because if I ask my single friends what one item in their house gets the most use, they never say their vacuum!

At $47.99 this is a great deal. The Little Paul certainly isn't little once you get to know him.

LTD Chix Mother's Day Giveaway

Like I have mentioned in past posts, I am an All American Tshirt and Jeans girl. I am not comfortable unless I am in a tshirt. When I found LTD Chix I fell in love with their shirts. They are hilarious. Each shirt has a picture of a Mom on it doing a variety of "mom tasks". Here are a few of their clever designs:

They happened to send me the Light Blue Short-Sleeved Laundry Mom Shirt and I love it! Under the picture it says "Living the Dream" How befitting, eh? Now I find myself saying that all the time. If someone asks me how I am, I reply "I'm Living the Dream!" because it is so true but also funny. I have worn this shirt out of the house twice now and each time I have had several women compliment me on my shirt and laugh at how "cute and true" it is.

As far as fit goes, I ordered the XL and it fits me perfectly! I love it. It is the perfect length and fit! How would you like to win your very own Laundry Mom Shirt? Just head over to LTD Chix and pick out the color and size of the Laundry Mom shirt that you would like to win. Also tell me your favorite shirt that they make!

Want extra entries?
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*Tell me how you found my site

This contest will run until May 17th at NOON EST! Good Luck.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today is a day that is like no other. It is almost a second birthday for me. I am celebrated because I, last year, gave birth to a spectacular child and I am his Mommy. I am proud and honored to be his "mama". Dexter is the absolute light of my life and without him, my life would seem meaningless. In celebration of this special day, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pictures of the two of us......

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Free Ecards in Time for Mothers Day

I am lazy and I am forgetful. I think the biggest problem that I have is that I procrastinate--TOO MUCH! My mom is usually upset with me because it takes 2-3 days after Mother's Day, her birthday etc for her gift to arrive. I am always searching for Ecards to send to her as an "I'm sorry" but they always make you sign up for this, or pay for that. Why should I pay for something so stupid.

Well, here is a new Ecard place that I found, they are called Here, you don't have to register or pay anything, it is all truly free! So, how cool would it be to send Mom a Mother's Day Ecard that she will find first thing in the morning (because there is no mail on Sunday?!)

Check out their awesome array of Mother's Day Ecards HERE

Check out Got Free Ecards not only because you can surprise your someone special but also because they are giving away a Free iPod Nano.

Win an iPod Nano in 3 easy steps

1. Setup a birthday or any event reminder with us in May 2009 (May 5 - May 31st)

2. Accept our Terms and Conditions

3. And you will be automatically entered into our drawing

Come back here and tell me which card you sent and to whom and you just very well may win yourself a surprise prize!! Who doesn't love surprises?!

Bio Oil Mother's Day Giveaway

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, its my day. Its almost like a second birthday for me! I am so excited. One thing that my son gave me, besides a bigger heart and a love of drool, is stretch marks AND LOTS OF THEM! I had seen advertisements for Bio Oil but had never had the opportunity to test it out. Until now.

I am not the kind of person who generally likes to use oil because it is greasy and messy--Not Bio Oil! Bio Oil smelled nice, absorbed quickly and wasn't at all greasy. I actually like rubbing it all over my belly!!

Bio-Oil® is a specialist skincare product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its advanced formulation, which contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, also makes it highly effective for numerous
other skin concerns, including aging skin and dehydrated skin.

Doesn't that sound like a miracle? Well, in the short time I have been using it, I haven't noticed these love marks go away, they just have faded slightly! YEAH! That sure is a start.

How would you like to win your own bottle of Bio Oil? 3 winners will each receive one 2 ounce bottle!! All you have to do is head over to Bio Oil and find a place, near you, that sells Bio Oil. Come back here and let me know. Include your email address for your entry to count!

Want extra entries?
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This contest will run until May 17th at NOON EST! Good Luck.

Mother's Day Giveaways

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that the Mother's Day contests that I am running will now run until May 17th at NOON EST. That way everyone has a chance to enter!! My Earth Day Extravaganza contests will still be ending tomorrow at NOON EST so hurry up and enter if you haven't already. Enter HERE

Peace Love Mom Mother's Day Giveaway

I am the quintessential tshirt and jeans girl. If I had my way, I would always be in flip flops, a nice soft tshirt and a comfy pair of jeans! You can imagine how excited I was when I found Peace Love Mom. PLM is a lifestyle brand company designed to share life’s many moments of motherhood.

Peace Love Mom happens to have some of the coolest tshirts. They range from simple (like the Happy Mom Tee,)

to ornamental like the Lucky Mom Burn Out Tee

I own two shirts from Peace Love Mom I have the Green Happy Mom Tee in 2X and the
Peace Sign Dot Chocolate Burn Out Tee in XL. Both of the shirts are really nice and soft but they run small. The Happy Mom in 2XL fits me but it is still a little snug. The burn out tee in Xl is still a little small. I typically wear a women's XL in tees if that helps the comparison. These shirts wash well in the washer and they are super comfortable. I had to wear a tank under them because you can see through the material quite a bit.......

Now for the good news. You can use code DEXTER09 from now until the end of the month for free shipping from Peace Love Mom!! One lucky winner will win this awesome shirt in their choice of sizes.

All you need to do to enter is head over to Peace Love Mom and pick out your favorite item that they carry that I didn't mention in my review. Come back here and let me know your favorite AND include your email address.

Want extra entries?
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This contest will run until May 17th at NOON EST! Good Luck.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Very Disappointed at

So, last fall I entered a few blog contests through the Bloggy Carnival (RIP). For a number of the contests that I entered, I wrote thoughtful and insightful reviews for Ciao. Well, to my excitement, I happened to win 3 contests, each for a $25 Apple Gift Card. I was stoked because I was going to give them to my husband for Christmas. Christmas came and went and I still didn't have my cards. As a matter of fact, it is now 7 months later and I still don't have my cards.

This makes me upset because as a blogger, I host contests and I expect my prizes to be shipped, to my readers, in a timely matter. Ciao is bogus and I am more than livid. Wouldn't you be? How can that make me trust them as a company or sponsor, what do you think?

Frigidaire launches new time-saving appliances!

How often do you have the time to do something for yourself? If you're like most moms, the answer is almost never. As Moms, we're proud of everything we're able to do for our families, but we think you'll agree that a little "me time" goes a long way! Luckily, there's a company out there who understands a mom's desire to spend less time doing routine housework and more time doing what we love. Frigidaire, the appliance brand known for their legendary reliability, is unveiling 250 new appliances designed with specific time-saving features to give you more time for YOUR time.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that research shows that Moms are logging more overtime than most Americans. In fact, Frigidaire's recently released "Motherload Index" revealed that moms spend most of their waking lives - 200 hours each month - doing the activities they least enjoy rather than the things they love.

With their new line of appliances, Frigidaire is aiming to free up some newfound "me time" for Moms and they want to know what you'll do with it! By visiting, you can share the five things that you would do with an extra hour in your day for a chance to win an entire suite of the new time-saving Frigidaire appliances.

Head over to Frigidaire and tell them 5 thing you would do with an extra hour, I just did!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Durex Remind Me I'm a Momshell Giveaway

If you are like me, you probably are so busy that you rarely take time for yourself. I would hardly call myself a bombshell anymore but a Momshell, that I can do!!

Results from the Durex Global Sexual Wellbeing Survey of 26,000 participants worldwide show that a happy sex life directly translates to a happier overall well being. And being happy -- well that makes for a fabulous Mother's Day.

I had the opportunity to recently try some new Durex products. Where have I been that I thought Durex only made condoms!! They sent me Utopia and Quiver. Let me tell you a little about them.

Utopia - a new female orgasm enhancement gel. Utopia has been created and tested by women for women using a unique combination of ingredients designed to stimulate, increase desire and bring you intense sensation. It is packaged like a high-end cosmetic in a small, glass vial (not a cheesy bright purple XXX-looking tube) and more than 80% of users have shown to achieve positive results. (Retail price between $16.99 and $21.99)

This product does deliver on its claim and I would suggest it to any woman, mother or not, that would like to add a little zing to your fling (ok, I don't know if that came out right but it rhymes!!) You can use this by yourself or with a partner. A little goes a long way so this bottle will last you quite a while.

Quiver - Think "9 1/2 Weeks" and the refrigerator scene. Quiver is a unique, freezable cube lube. Quiver is pure skin-quivering silky smooth pleasure, packed in a cube. Use them over every inch of the body for icy, tingling massage or lubrication. Simply freeze, apply and wait for meltdown... (Retail price $6.99)

I have never been the lube kind of girl but honestly who doesn't like the thought of something cold and different. What I liked best was that Quiver froze rather quickly but it melted sllllloooooooowly. It was nice. It wasn't overly sticky or anything like that.

Head over HERE to sign up for $25 in Durex coupons!!

It is your lucky day! Not only can you get the coupons I mentioned above but 5 Winner, yes 5 will each receive both products featured above! How generous!! I know you can't wait to get your groove on so head over to Durex and tell me another item of theirs that you would like to try. If you are too shy (I told you I used lube, come on now) you can just tell me why you want to win and be honest and sincere or your entry won't count. Don't forget to include your email address too or I can't contact you if you win.

This contest will end on Mother's Day at NOON EST so don't delay, enter today! Man, I am on a roll........Good Luck!
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