Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Get to Interview the Founder of Kettleworx-Ryan Shanahan

I found out today that I will be able to interview KettleWorx Kettlebell Trainer Ryan Shanahan after I complete my Fat Free in 42! That is 4 weeks away and I couldn't be more excited. The thing is this: in only 9 days on this plan, I have lost 6.5 lbs and I have changed the way that I think about eating. I have learned so much about myself that it is mind-blowing!

Who is Ryan you ask?

Ryan is the world's leading kettlebell trainer and foremost expert in kettlebell fitness. He is an internationally acclaimed trainer who regularly works with superstars and exclusive private clients, including the cast and crew of major feature films. For over ten years, Ryan has conducted private kettlebell training sessions working out of the Toronto Film Studio. In fact, kettlebells are growing in popularity largely due to Ryan's trainee-stars spreading the word about this remarkably effective training tool. These stars have gone on record recommending kettlebells - but should really be recommending Ryan Shanahan! Of course he was only in Toronto - his training unavailable to most - until now.
Ryan has now developed KettleWorx. A program that results, at least in part, from the ridiculous demands made by film stars and leading models, who wanted a program that would give them an almost immediate body transformation. These stars demanded results they could see and feel in weeks, not months or years. Ryan did it for them, and has now transformed that same regimen into a fitness program that anyone can use to get those same ridiculous results: KettleWorx. KettleWorx is simply the world's fastest and most effective training system. In just six short weeks, 42 days, you too can now transform your body with KettleWorx, and with Ryan Shanahan as your personal, in-home trainer.

Other facts about Ryan: Over the last 20 years, he's played professional hockey, represented Canada at the World Duathlon Championship, completed 22 triathlons and 2 marathons. After just 7 weeks of intense training he earned 2nd place at the Heavyweight Drug Free Bodybuilding Contest in 2007. In addition to movie stars and models, Ryan has often worked with athletic trainers, physiotherapists, physicians and other fitness and health care professionals.

Thats where you come in... What questions do you think I should ask Ryan about diet and exercise? Is there something that you have always wanted to ask a trainer to the stars? Here is your chance. Comment on here and maybe your question will be in my featured post in the middle of February!!


The Jackson Family Blog said...

How exciting! My question is this:

What is your best peice of advice for success for an individual starting out who has struggled with diets, programs and choosing from all the weight loss programs on the market in the past?

What sets your program apart from all others on the market for lifestyle change, weight loss and long term health?

Does KettleWorx provide information needed to make the changes needed to continue on past the 42 days challenge? Does it work long term to maintain the weight loss in an understandable process for gauranteed long term success?

Those are my question :D

royaldixie said...

Thanks Debra. You know I will be using those!!!