Monday, January 11, 2010

KettleWorx Fat Free in 42-WEEK ONE UPDATE

So, I did Kettleworx all last week and I followed their eating plan. I weighed myself today and I have lost just over 4 lbs. I didn't measure myself again because I don't have the time. I am so tired right now so I am waiting for my Chamomile tea to steep and then I am off to dreamland. I love all the great sleep I have been getting thanks to Kettleworx.

Last week, on Monday (cardio day), I flipped the TV off 4 times. Today, only once! I am improving. I still detest cardio. I liked the resistance and core so much more!

STAY TUNED next Monday to see how many lbs I managed to shed this week! Swimsuit season is approaching, will you be ready? I know I will be!


Michelle said...

OMG that's amazing! Good for you.