Friday, January 29, 2010

Nads Natural Hair Removal

Nad’s is a family owned international business with products developed for women, by women. We provide a hair removal system that gives you salon-type results at a fraction of salon prices, no matter your skin type or particular hair removal needs.

Our eco-friendly products are always made from ingredients obtained from sources as close to nature as possible.

While Nad’s is an expert in removing unwanted hair, we believe that’s only one part of a complete, holistic approach to hair removal and skin health. Nad’s Hair Removal Cycle™ features four key steps -- Remove, Soothe, Release and Exfoliate - and a range of solutions for each step.

Our products include hair removal creams for different types of hair or skin, waxes and wax strips, and exfoliant scrubs and soothing balms. When each key step is followed, Nad’s will help keep your skin hair-free, smooth and healthy.

Nad’s was started in Australia by entrepreneur Sue Ismiel, a mother who created a natural hair removal product for her daughter from ingredients in her kitchen. Extensive research and testing followed, leading to the line of Nad’s products sold in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East as well as the United States.

Our family business is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and, just as important, giving them caring, honest and ethical service.

With Nad’s, say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to silky, smooth skin.

Nads makes a variety of products including hair removal creams for all areas of the body or facial hair removal products.

Wanna laugh at me? I don't shave my legs unless I am required to go out to the beach or with people who might think I am a crazy, hairy Yooper. I have used the Nads Hair Removal Wax Strips before and I liked them a lot. They weren't as fast as normal shaving but easy on my skin and the environment.

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Isabelle said...

I love Nads! To put it simply, their products work, they're eco-friendly AND easy to use. I especially like the wax strips, which take nearly the same amount of time as shaving does, but the results lasts 3 times as long. Thanks for the post :)