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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A friend of mine asked......

"What makes people want another kid when they already have a little one?"

I didn't even think about the response I gave her. I just typed and this was my response.

"Hmm....I can't wait for you to be able to answer that question. I miss the sweet baby smell, the cuddliness of pure innocence, the attention people gave to me (I'm not gonna lie, its nice to have someone else cook, clean and wait on me for a change). I love it all. I love shopping for baby stuff and reviewing baby products. I cannot tell you how being a mother changes you because IT DOES. My life now has purpose and direction. My heart now has the ability to love freely and completely.

I look at Dexter and I would not want him to grow up in this world without a partner in crime. I want him to have a sibling who will bail him out when he needs it, listen to him and comfort him when Jason and I aren't around. I want for him nothing less than the perfect life and we both know that isn't possible. Call me crazy! I am young and while I am still able to bear children, I will have one more so to ensure that this whole family gets another member who will fit in seamlessly and help us all to be better people.

Was that the answer you were looking for?"



Anonymous said...

I might (and do!) wonder what makes people who already have a kid NOT want another? Don't they like the one they have? Not worth the trouble or expense? Why on earth not?

Allison said...

For me, I want to share my love with at least one more kid ( two more if I can convince the hubby). I didn't realize how much I had to give until I had my son, and I want to share that with as many kids as I can.

Plus, some days, I miss being pregnant. You know, the second trimester when you are feeling great and not huge.

TwentySomethingMomma said...

While my second little boy caught us by surprise, your last paragraph is exactly the reason we're so thrilled to have him. I can't imagine my oldest son's life without his baby brother - they play together, laugh at each other's antics, and have loads of fun tag-teaming me (LOL!). I know that as they grow older, they're only going to become closer and more invaluable to one another.

I suppose a lot of people (your friend included) might wonder why someone would want another baby when their first child is still young. My boys are 21 months apart, and honestly, I've found that the smaller the age gap, the easier it is for kids to get used to each other. After all, they'll never remember a time when the other wasn't around. <3

Will be thinking of you and sending you baby dust by the dozens!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with everything you said. I was just talking to my husband last night about all of the stupid stuff we've been putting our money towards and would much rather save it for another child. I said "I don't want Teresa to be alone"...