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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dick's Sporting Goods Starting Lineup

Enter on Twitter ( for a chance to become a member of Dick’s Sporting Goods “Starting Lineup." The 10 nominees with the most votes by March 31, 2010 win.

What does it mean to be on the “Starting Lineup”?
• A chance to try out and preview new products
• A spot on an online panel of experts for one season (for approximately 3 months)
• Access to exclusive online surveys
• A chance to sound off on all things sports

How does someone try for a chance to be on the “Starting Lineup”?
• Follow
• Vote for yourself (or someone else) by telling @dickssportcmo who should be on the "Starting Lineup" and why. Sample Tweet: “@dickssportcmo my vote is for @TwitterID because...”
• Recruit others to do the same.
• You can only vote for the same person once per day, but you can vote for multiple people in the same day.

*Make sure you're following @dickssportcmo or your vote won't count!


**I was offered a Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card in exchange for this post**