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Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Reviews/Giveaways Would You Like To See?

I am constantly striving to bring you the latest and greatest products for you and for your children. I rarely take the time to ask what it is that you want to see reviewed. So, here's your chance to tell me some ideas of what YOU would like to see on DSSM.

I am planning a couple of campaigns shortly involving Earth Month and Happy Healthy Pregnancy so it could fit in with those themes or not. Also be sure to tell me if there is something that you DON'T want to see. Easy enough, right?

Thanks for all of your support. The more you read and visit my site the more awesome products I am able to introduce you to!

On a side note, I had to include an Easter Egg picture because I love pretty eggs and I can't wait for Easter :) I actually use to have a rabbit named Eaaster and don't ask me why I chose to have a rabbit. That thing pooped all over my house (I was a naive college kid) and it chewed everything I owned! I gave him to a farmer to loved him and probably ate him. Ok, enough of that story.


Katrina said...

I would love to see more children book giveaways as well as maybe some re-usable (cloth) swim diapers....I never see a giveaway for them and I use them every summer all summer long.

Other than that I think you have amazing giveaways! Please keep up the awesome work!

Mari said...

I'd like to see giveaways and reviews for fitness and diet related items. Particularly exercise machines that are big ticket items, I'd like to read reviews before I take the plunge and buy them. I'd also like reviews and contests for Diet and Exercise books as well.

EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

I'm always on the lookout for clothing giveaways and men items - it's so rare to find 'mens' items being given away.

Emily B said...

I love the idea of a pregnancy one, we are trying to conceive so even pre-pregnancy would be awesome.

katklaw777 said...

I'd luv to see more green items. I really am trying to go greener and healthier at home.
Also more food and cooking items would be fun.
Books are always great too.
Happy Spring!!!

katklaw777 said...

I'd like to see more "green" giveaways...I am trying to go greener and any new products or reviews would be great.
Also more food, cooking products are fun. Thanks.