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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Eden Home Review

Eden Home is your one-stop shop for all things organic. Whether you are buying for you or for baby, Eden Home has what you want! They sell everything from dishes to bath towels and from sweaters to crib bedding.

I was so excited when Eden Home sent me a Kate Quinn jersey crib sheet to review. What I noticed right away was that all of the packaging that Eden Home uses is recyclable. The sheet itself was wrapped beautiful tissue paper which I saved in order to reuse (because I am savvy like that!) They sheet is the softest cotton I have ever felt and the color is so rich.

Eden Home - Our Seal of Assurance

The Eden Home seal of assurance labeling system includes symbols to be used in describing each of their products, identifying their composite and virtues as organic, natural, eco-friendly, Fair Trade and made in USA qualities. They also provide the list of ingredients for all of our products. How awesome is that?! Full disclosure for a retail store, 2 THUMBS UP!

The Eden Home seal of assurance is our commitment to you in that all of our products have been selected based on strict guidance regarding the growing and manufacturing process from start to finish (see selection criteria in "Why choose Eden Home?"). This helps you know exactly what you are purchasing and how it benefits you.

Organic - grown without the use of toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or genetically engineered seeds.
Natural - the product, processing or finishing is made of (or comes from) natural ingredients
Eco-Friendly - made in a manner that is less harmful to you and the environment
Fair Trade - means that artisans receive living wages, fair working conditions, and, often, reinvestment back in their community through education and other facilities
Made in USA - item is manufactured, produced and finished in the United States

I cannot tell you enough amazing things about Eden Home. Their customer service is second-to-none and their product selection is amazing. Eden Home takes the worrying out of gift giving so trust them with your purchase today!

Right now Eden Home is also holding an Organic Baby Registry contest! In this contest you can win your Organic Registry. You better believe that I am entering. Baby needs an organic nursery! Good Luck and if you win, maybe you can register for something for me ;)


RealtorSD said...

Awesome. It can be hard to find organic products for the home.