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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pregnancy #2: Week 17

I can hardly believe that I am 17 weeks pregnant! Where has the time gone? Aside from the occasional dizziness, I feel great! We find out in a little over 2 weeks if Dexter will have a brother or a sister. I am TERRIFIED that it will be a girl as I really want a boy. Weird, yeah, I know! Part of me thinks it would be nice to experience parenting of both genders but I digress.

What I am doing differently this time around:
*No Toxic Chemicals in my house (therefore no fetal transfer!)
*Not sweating the small stuff
*Sleeping Less thanks to the 2 year old monster that lives in my house

I have to say that I really enjoyed being pregnant with Dexter as I could sleep as much as I wanted, whenever I pleased. This time, NOT.SO.MUCH.

Wanna help me with name suggestions? I want different, old and awesome! Like Dexter, its old school but not very common!


jamaise said...

I'm at 30 weeks and one day & believe me at to the point every day counts! My feet are so swollen today I can hardly feel them when I walk. The fun part is over!

The name Markley popped into my head - I'll keep suggesting as they continue to pop in.

royaldixie said...

Thanks for the suggestion......apparently no one else has any :)