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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thoughts and Ideas about glasses

I have been going to the same ophthalmologist for years now. In fact, I only started going to Pearle Vision because my husband went there when we first met each other. Seeing as though I didn't grow up in this town, I trusted his opinion. I have purchased many pairs of eyeglasses and even more contacts from them than I can count. It wasn't until last month that my husband and I went in to get our yearly eye exam.

My husband didn't have a very good exam. HIs eyes are healthy and all but because he has an astigmatism he has a weird prescription. He ended up going in for four follow up exams and eventually he was told by one of their doctors that they would be happy to give him his prescription in writing to take elsewhere. He was livid. I mean, he wears his prescription glasses 5-6 days a week. I rarely wear mine unless I am sick. It is important to him that his glasses are not only correct but they are comfortable. He sometimes pays up to $270 for frames that he likes because he wears them so much. I think he is nuts but hey, I married the nut!

I think I look alright in my glasses but I really do not like when they get dirty, smudgy or wet. It drives me crazy! Here is a picture of me in my glasses.

I have an obsession with thick, dark frames. Maybe because I am blonde and I feel they really stick out. Who knows.

Here is another picture of me and Dexter when I am not wearing my glasses.

Now lets compare my studly husband with and without his glasses. I prefer him in his glasses, what do you think?

Next time my husband wants to get a new pair of glasses, rather than going into a brick and mortar store, I am going to suggest that he gets his glasses online. Why not?

The price is great and he won't have to deal with dumb people!

**This is a sponsored post by Glasses USA but all the stories, ideas and opinions are mine**


JESSICA said...

I'm sorry but I just can't agree with you on this one...other than the part about not going to Pearle Vision! Buying your glasses online is a horrible idea...especially if you wear them primarily. I am an optician and have see too many horror stories about online glasses (RX wrong, not fitting, breaking easily, poor materials, etc). If you are willing to make an investment in eyewear because you wear them all the time...make the time investment in finding a good eye doctor in a private practive and private optical if your doctor doesn't have one of his own, you may pay a little more but you will get MUCH better service!

royaldixie said...

Thanks Jessica for your comment! My hubby has two pairs of glasses and we bought his second cheaper pair online. We had a good experience with this. I completely understand your point of view though.

Thanks for your input :)

Hillary said...

OK, I'm biased because I work for an online optical store but, true story: the last place that made a pair of eyeglasses for me (before I started working at GlassesUSA) TOTALLY messed up my glasses and refused to fix them. The prescription was wrong, they were not made from polycarbonate, and the anti-glare coating was put on sloppily.

My fiance also went to a new eye doctor to buy a pair of glasses and they messed up his prescription as well.

I have 4 pairs of glasses from GlassesUSA (all paid for - full price) and I haven't had any problems with them. I learned that I'd rather pay a fraction of the price than spend $400 for poor craftsmanship.

On a side note, most online optical stores use the same lens manufacturers as companies like Sears, your local optometrist, Costco, Target, and Walmart.

Online stores are not for everyone but 5 years ago, people were hesitant to buy clothing online and eBay was a place to buy used stuff. Now look at where we are. Just my POV.