Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Enter to Win a Dr. Brown's Bottle and Help a NICU Premie

I just was sent an email about this awesome Dr. Brown's contest.  Right now, through August 9th, you can enter to win a Deluxe Gift Set of Dr. Brown's bottles/products.  There are multiple winners each week.  No big deal, right?  Well the reason I am summoning you to enter is because for each entrant, Dr. Brown's will donate one Premie bottle to a NICU in the United States!  Awesome eh!?  Not only do you get a chance to win but you also get that wow-i-did-something-good-today-feeling!

Enter Now

Just so you know, I get no kick backs or anything for this post.  I just believe in making a difference when I can and I know that you are thoughtful like that too!  Let me know you entered, Karma rocks!


Twee Poppets said...

I entered! Thanks for sharing! :)