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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nuka Maternity Review

20 days until BlogHer in NYC!  Am I excited?  Oh boy you bet I am!  I will have five days and four nights of me time blogging fun!  Even though I am leaving Dexter and my hubby at home, I will not be traveling alone.  Nuka Maternity will be coming with me!

Recently I was sent their Maternity Tunic/Dress in Ash.  This top is so not me and that is why I chose it.  I am such a tshirt and jeans girl and I thought why not branch out while preggers.  Branch out I did!  What I love about Nuka is the fact that all of their pieces are unique, stylish and ridiculously comfortable.  I love standing out in a crowd by wearing something different and being pregnant is definitely the time to shine.  I have worn my Tunic a few times and I have received rave reviews each time.

 I first tried the tunic with olive green capris and it was cute and dressed down.  It looked perfect for lunch out with the girls.  It wasn't until I was talking to my uber sexy friend Becky (who just happened to have a baby a few weeks ago) that I asked her what she would wear under the tunic.  She screamed leggings!  Leggings?  I haven't worn a pair of those ridiculous things since middle school in the early 90s!  Well, on her word, I went and sought out a pair.  As soon as I got home I whipped out my leggings and tried them on with my Tunic.  Much to my surprise it was comfortable but I wasn't sure how it would look.  I asked my husband and he just looked at me and said "are those leggings"?  I couldn't help but laugh.  He admitted that although the outfit was so not me he liked it.  I made him take a few pictures of me with my iPhone so I could text them to my mom.  She freaked out!  "Oh my, those leggings fit you so well."  "That outfit is so chic."  "Every woman should own a nice pair of leggings, especially in black!"  That was it, I was sold.  Here are the pictures from my iPhone.  Forgive the quality as that is all I have right now.  Its not that easy coaxing my hubby to take weekly pictures of my belly plus extras!

I have some awesome metallic flats that I would love to wear with this outfit but my feet are less like my normal size 9 1/2s and more like shoe boxes.  They are so wide and unattractive these days.  I am sure I will figure something else out in the next 20 days!

There are several other pieces that Nuka makes that I would love to wear to BlogHer.  Here are a few of my other favorites.  This is the Nuka Henna Dress in Black.  This is the quintessential "little black dress" that every woman, pregnant or not, should own. 

I also really love their Sharnee Convertible Tube Dress/Skirt in Tropics.  It is ECO-FRIENDLY!  How me is that?  Since it is made of bamboo it will be light, airy and cool.  Definitely perfect for the summertime heat!

If you are looking for something flattering, sexy and unique, look no further than Nuka Maternity.  You will be so happy that you did!


Sky said...

You look so cute!! Love that outfit!! You'll be stylin' at BlogHer looking all super presh!

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Anonymous said...

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Janet W. said...

You look great! I love the green dress, too!

RealtorSD said...

I love how the color gradually changes on the tube dress.