Monday, July 26, 2010

ProFlowers Review

2 weeks ago I turned 29.  What an awful birthday I had.  It usually is a day of excitement, great eats and lots of drinks but this year I had none of that!  Before you start feeling sorry for me I want to tell you about my favorite present that I received!

Last week, just a few days after my awful birthday, I received some gorgeous red roses from ProFlowers.  I have reviewed flowers before but I was really impressed with the unique packaging that ProFlowers uses to pack their flowers.  The instructions were easy and it wasn't hard for me to get them out of the box and right into water.  What really impressed me was the fact that these roses lasted about 9 days!  Talk about value!

Much to my surprise (because I forgot it was two-fold) the next day I received a dozen chocolate covered strawberries!  YUMMY!  I was so excited to rip into the box and go to town!  I first tried the milk chocolate dipped strawberry.  That was my favorite.  I am so surprised that the berries were HUGE and juicy.  I am usually disappointed with market strawberries because they typically lack flavor but man oh man did ProFlowers deliver (pun intended!)

Imagine sending this amazing combination birthday gift to your favorite person.  You could schedule the flowers to arrive on their birthday and then they would be shocked the next day to receive yet another elegant and thoughtful (not to mention scrumptious) gift from you.  Below is a picture of the exact berries that I received!  Look at the amazing presentation and delightful flavors.

No matter what gift you choose and whom you choose to send it to, ProFlowers delivers!  I was so impressed with the quality of my birthday gift that I will NOT hesitate to order from them in the future!

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