Thursday, August 12, 2010

79 Days Until my Due Date.....Zubels Review

I have been in the OMG I totally want that for baby-mode.  Its baby fever and I've got the fever-bad!  I love swaddle blankets, onesies, footed jammies, toys, shampoos, everything baby.  I cannot believe that in less than 3 months I will have 2 kids!  I am so excited!

I need onesies but other than that, I have almost everything from Dexter.  A need is much different than a want, right?  Well then, in that case, I want everything!  Its hard to explain to my hubby why I think that this baby deserves all new clothing.  I try to tell him its because I don't want to have pictures of both boys in the same outfits etc but he is not buying it (no pun intended!).  I love when companies send me rad toys for baby #2 (I still am not 100% sure on a name).

How cute is this eco-friendly, organic baby rattle?  I love that he is not only knitted but also flexible.  The quality is amazing and he makes a nice little rattle sound!  I wish I had more than one Zubel rattle for baby!  It was a feat to take Oshin (love the name) away from Dexter.  He wanted it for himself.  They also make a pirate that I really think is adorable.  It would make the perfect lovey for Dex! 

 Look at these awesome rattles too:

Ebay is calling my name so I am off to check out some matching Christmas outfits for the boys!


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