Monday, August 2, 2010

Being an Eco-Mom and Greening Your Home

One question I am asked all the time by people is "What does it mean to be an eco-conscious Mom and how can I do it too?"  Well, this post is going to give you pointers and tips that are easy to follow because I like things easy!

  • I think it is important to note that small changes really add up.  You don't have to go crazy all at once and detox your family but small steps help make a big impact.
  • Remember that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put into your body.  Look at your personal care products and start eliminating ingredients such as parabens and phthalates.  These ingredients, found in almost all shampoos, conditioners, lotions etc, are dangerous to the body for many reasons.  Parabens, for example, mimic estrogen in the body so your body responds by producing more hormones.  This can lead to many problems, including but not limited to, cancer.  Phthalates are also a known carcinogen and is also referred to as "fragrance" in products. 
  • There are a few food items that you will never find in my house.  The first food is microwave popcorn!  Popcorn in and of itself is healthy and actually contains antioxidants.  What few people know is that these popcorn bags are lined with Teflon which are made with PFOAs.  PFOAs are also known carcinogens are they are also known to cause birth defects, liver damage and immune system defects.  
  • The second product you won't find in my house is canned tomatoes.  Tomatoes in a can leach BPA in our systems.  BPA is known to cause obseity, heart disease and it is also a hormone disruptor (like parabens).  BPA is pretty well known because many baby companies have made it their mission to make BPA free bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers etc.  
  • This is a list of items that you won't find in my house unless they are organic: potatoes, apples, berries and grass-fed beef.  Did you know that grass-fed beef has so many more vitamins and minerals than its counterpart?
  • Recycle-once you have started to evaluate and be proactive about the health of your family, its time to concentrate on the health of our planet!  Recycling is so important.  I like the idea of preserving Earth's natural resources for future generations.
  • Reuse-almost all items can somehow be repurposed.  I love reusing gift bags, tissue paper and other gift-giving items.  You should see my craft room.  This habit started when I was really little.  I use to laugh at my grandmother for saving the wrapping paper that she would receive but now, it totally makes sense!
  • Change your lightbulbs to CFL (Compact Florescent Lightbulb).  Not only will you save energy but you will save money too!  Who doesn't love more money in their pocket?
I know that some of this may seem pretty overwhelming but it is a good place to start.  I will create a series of ways you can "green your home".  I'd love to hear your feedback, questions or comments.  


Christina Hidek said...

I'm sure you know this, but almost all canned and jarred items have a BPA liner either in the can or on the lid seal- including baby foods and formula. The only company whose products are in BPA-free packaging is Eden.

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

I never knew that about popcorn bags...yuck!

Thanks for the great post!