Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ecoSTORE USA Back to School Sale and Meijer Deal

ecoSTORE USA is leading the way in the green movement.  They are very social and love to interact with customers via Twitter and Facebook.  I have been using their products for about a year and a half now and I can personally attest to how wonderful they are.  Read on to see my top 3 list.....

ecoSTORE USA wants to celebrate Back to School with a sale!  They are offering 25% off all order when you use the code WQ551 at checkout.  Don't forget that you will also receive free shipping on orders over $25  That means you can buy $34 worth of products for $25.50 and receive free shipping!  Yippee!

Meijer Promotion:
Right now, through October, when you buy any ecoSTORE USA product at Meijer, you will receive a printed coupon worth $2 off your next Meijer purchase!  What a deal.  To tell you the truth, when I have been in a pinch, I bought some All Purpose Cleaner at the self-check lane and paid for it.  I grabbed my printed coupon and used it on the rest of my groceries.  *Thats my frugal secret.  Shhhh, don't tell anyone*

Wanna know my three favorite ecoSTORE USA products, in order?

1. All Purpose Cleaner-this stuff is simply amazing!  It cleans and cuts grease like nobody's business.  The citrus oil in it causes it to be naturally anti-bacterial which in and of itself is spectacular.  Because ecoSTORE USA prides itself on "NO Nasty Chemicals" you can be sure that you and your family are safe from chemical harm when ecoSTORE USA is on your side!

2. Laundry Liquid-this laundry liquid is also naturally antibacterial thanks to certified organic eucalyptus essential oils.  I am impressed that this bottle, which retails online for $11 will clean up to 70 loads of laundry when used in an HE machine and about 35-40 in a standard machine.  You only need 1/2-1 capful per load!  With an HE machine, you just use 1/4-1/2 per load depending on size.  The best part about this magnificent soap, the fact that it doesn't leave a scent to your laundry.  I use to think that if you laundry was super yummy smelling that it meant that it was clean.  Now, truthfully, it turns my stomach.  I love my Mother-in-Law a lot and she is always so thoughtful to never send Dexter home with dirty clothes when he visits but the laundry is always heavily scented.  I use to rewash everything because of this but that wasn't very ecofriendly of me so I just deal with it until he wears it.

3. Baby Nappy Balm-safe, protective and handy.  This amazing product lasts forever because you only need a little bit.  Actually, all ecoSTORE USA products are highly concentrated so you need only a little bit of any of them but the Nappy Balm is no exception.  I have used this with cloth diapers and sposies and I have not encountered any problems whatsoever!  Dexter loves helping me apply this to his red butt when he needs it but he usually ends up rubbing it into his arms or legs.  This product also works double duty to help eradicate cradle cap!

Did you know that ecoSTORE USA recently underwent testing with the Deep Skin Care Database and they scored 0's and one 1!  Check out there scores here!

What ecoSTORE USA products have you tried or would like to try?  Is there something that you wish they made?  Tell me here as I know they would like to know.