Thursday, August 5, 2010

I am in NYC Baby and Martha Stewart wants to interview me!!!

Ok, Ok!  New York City is one of my most favorite places in the whole wide world.  I love eating, drinking and doing.  Sadly enough, this trip will only involve eating and doing :)  Yesterday I joined, Seeryus Mama, Katydid and Kid, A Giveaway Addicted Mommy and A Nut in a Nutshell for the Sex and the City Tour around NYC!  It was enthralling!  I will post more about that when I return from the Big Apple.

Lets Focus on bigger and better things!!  A few days ago I received an email from a kind lady asking me if I was interested in being interviewed for the Martha Living Today Radio Show on Sirius.  Let me think about it....Ummmmm, YEAH!!  They want ME to talk about Greening your Home and Give Tips on Green Cleaning.  Can you believe that?  Your very favorite blogger is going to hob nob with some Sirius Peeps!  OMG!  Well, if that wasn't uber awesome enough, tonight I get to tour Martha Stewart's headquarters and attend an invite-only blogging event there!  How exciting is that?

Do you have Sirius?  If so, tune in tomorrow at 1:00 EST to the Martha Stewart Living Show!  Got any pointers for me?  Did I mention that it is LIVE?!


Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

That is SO awesome! Congrats and let us readers know how it goes!

JoeyfromSC said...

OMG that is TOO cool!!! I LOVE NYC also and have been twice and NEVER got to see it ALL!!

I know you're having a blast...I wished I could listen to your interview...Best of luck and congrats!

Twee Poppets said...

WOW! Congratulations! That is so awesome! How exciting for you! :D

Lisa said...


Missing out on the BlogHer action but already registered for next year because I refuse to miss the fun one more year!