Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tiny Prints Helps Make Baby Showers Unique

It is no surprise to you that I want this baby, Oliver, to feel special.  In many ways this pregnancy hasn't been nearly as amazing to me as my pregnancy with Dexter.  I feel bad, I really do.  I remember a few months ago telling my midwife that I feared that I would not love this baby as much as I love Dexter.  Much to my surprise she told me that this is a VERY common statement that she hears from second-time moms.  Whoa....and here I thought I was the weird one.

Anyway, I then started thinking about the ways that I would like to make this pregnancy and this baby feel special and unique.  I started coming up with a list that included some of the following ideas (which could also be carried into making a Baby Shower feel unique too!)

1. Choose a fun color theme- When I was pregnant with Dex I chose the colors chocolate, cream, lime green and turquoise.  It was awesome!  This time I chose to run with cream, sherbet (think pastel orange) and chocolate.  Maybe its because I am going to have a Halloween baby but I think that sherbet is the way to go!

2. Invite only those that you want to surround yourself with- How many time do you go to a baby shower and you run into your friend's grandma's sister's step sister's niece whom the pregnant girl doesn't even know.  Granted they will probably bring a gift but keep it sweet.  Don't surround yourself with people that should be wearing name tags!

3. Get great invites, ones that people will want to frame- You think I'm kidding, don't know.  Well, I am not.  I love invitations.  I love designing them, smelling them, looking at them, sending them and receiving them.  I have love love loved Tiny Prints since I first started going online as an adult needing to  buy my own invites.

How about these beauts (I should admit that I am a SUCKER for turtles!)

4.  Make the food unforgettable- We all know us pregnant girls think about food as much as our mates think about us naked so why not make the shower food-centric?  Think finger sandwiches, petits fours, fresh fruit and fun Mocktails.

5. Decorate the space with items for the baby's nursery- No one cares about balloons, streamers and other crap.  All they care about is petting a pregnant belly and oohhing and aawwing over baby gifts.  You know I am right.  So why not take the opportunity to decorate the party with the wooden letters that spell out baby's name and other really thoughtful things that Momma can put in the nursery instead of throw away after the party.
6. Games?  Really? I want to know who really likes playing shower games.  Guess how big the belly is, word scrambles, blah blah blah.  I think its hokey.  Why not play pictionary instead or "whats the weirdest thing in your purse?"  Make it fun, not dumb!

7.  Tell Everyone the Baby's Name at the Shower-  How neat would it be for guests to come over and see the baby's name in perfect wooden letters on the wall?  What a surprise!  I think that would be unique and memorable.

8.  I don't know about unique but I think cocktails for non-preggos is thoughtful- I know weddings and baby showers are completely different things but most people like free food and drinks.  Why should a baby shower be any different.  When I am not knocked up, people love my Margaritas, Cosmos and other frufru drinks.  Why should they not enjoy a cocktail or three just because I can't.  This way if your great-aunt's daughter's daughter decided to play some games, your friends would be more than happy to join.

9.   Books Instead of Cards- Ask Guests to Bring Children's Books instead of greeting cards.  I asked that guests inscribe a message to the baby in the book so that we can always treasure the gift rather than a card that would be thrown away.

10.  Make sure to send prompt and gorgeous Thank Yous-  This is not just about stationary and what not but I love sending sweet thank yous.  I have a drawer full of different colors, styles and sizes.  Sometimes I hate using the last one because I love love love stationary that much.  Tiny Prints helps take the guess work out of Thank Yous by allowing you to choose a coordinating Thank You when you order your invites, how great is that?  

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Beth Kyle said...

Great post! Sending beautiful invitations and prompt thank you notes can make all the difference. It makes your guests feel appreciated and lets you revel in this special time.

My husband designed invitations for me and one of my friends framed it as a gift. It is a prized keepsake that I can share with my daughter.