Monday, October 11, 2010

I am Nesting and I Can't Stop Staring at His Fuzzi Bunz!

I am Nesting!  Not too big of a surprise given that I am over 37 weeks pregnant!  I cannot wait to meet my little man and smother him in love.  I have often wondered since becoming a Mom if anyone in my son's life will ever get as many kisses as I do?! <3  I must get close to 20 every on a good day!

Well between laundering clothes and folding them and putting them away, then pulling them out and straightening them up to looking at his new cloth diapers, I am obsessed.  I started cloth diapering (CDing) Dexter when he was about 10 months old.  I have tried many different cloth diapers over the years and my one true favorite have been Fuzzi Bunz.  I love the snaps, the pocket and the ease of use.  I use a wet bag and I wash diapers every other day (not any more now that we are potty trained!!).  My husband never minded cloth diapering, in fact, since he is the oldest of 4 he remembers CDing his youngest brother.  We use a diaper sprayer (which is heaven-sent) to get all of the solids out of the diapers before they are put in the bag.

Recently I talked with Fuzzi Bunz about cloth diapering a newborn.  I am nervous since I haven't done this before!  I told them how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Fuzzi Bunz and I told them that I am devout!  In exchange for my devotion (and some advertising and posts) they sent me Oliver's first itty bitty baby diapers!  I opted for Smalls since XSmall won't last as long.  Fuzzi Bunz makes One-Size diapers but I don't like them nearly as much as I like my Perfect Size.  Sure, it may cost a little more in the end but I am still saving a lot of money not buying sposies and I am helping the environment!  Who doesn't love that?!

Wanna know where you can get some cheap Fuzzi Bunz?  Fuzzi Bunz' online store has their Small and Medium Perfect Size (new colors) on sale for $14.95 plus free shipping!  How awesome is that?  I really want a couple of the Kumquat as it looks delicious.

Now that I have made you wait so long do you wanna see what makes me drool every.single.time?



Just so you know, the buttercream colored one that is in this picture I procured myself at BlogHer, it wasn't sent for this mission (its a Medium).

Whataya think?  Purdy aren't they?