Monday, October 11, 2010

Lets Talk About Birthdays the 1800FLOWERS Way-Delivering Smiles

I often times send flowers to my friends and family for different reasons.  Mothers Day and Birthdays seem to the the biggest ones in my book.  

With more newborns arriving during the late summer and early fall then any other time of year, October is the perfect time to celebrate birthdays - In fact, America’s Most Common Birthday will be celebrated nationwide on October 5!  Weird that I am due to have this baby in a common time of year.  I certainly hope that this won't hurt my chances of getting a hot tub in my birthing suite at the hospital!  

1800FLOWERS wants to make it easy to celebrate with their gorgeous flower arrangements.  Look how special these flowers are:

Birthday Flower Cake - Our signature floral birthday cake may look good enough to eat, but it's actually crafted from fresh pastel flowers such as mini carnations and poms. It arrives in a bakery box with a set of candles where available, and with proper care, can last days after the celebration is complete.

Bucket of Birthday Wishes - Our stylish birthday arrangement of roses, carnations and more will make their smile grow by the bucket-ful!
Cupcake in Bloom - Send an unforgettable surprise that will be the talk of the table--our fabulous cupcake-shaped arrangement of fresh carnations! It's an Everything Cupcake™ for every occasion!

I encourage you to visit or for details on how 1-800-FLOWERS.COM will be celebrating Birthdays in your area!

**Look out for another 1800FLOWERS post to come soon after baby arrives!  You will see a review and get to participate in a giveaway too!**


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